Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who needs 2 fire their stylist?:I know we are in a recession but come on!Psqaure and Samantha.

Okay ,I know that we are in a recession and therfore ,going shopping for clothes is Probably out of the question ,but these 2 celebs need better people .The twin from Psquare (I don't knw which one is peter or Paul)looks ridcuous in that pink panther -inspired outfit from head-to-tie.Looks like he's advertising Pink .If he was trying 2 get attention ,then he def got stares.
Okay ,then there is zambian-irish singer/actor Samantha Mumba.She suddenly comes back on the scene and decides to make a comeback in that outfit?Capri pants are so 2004 ,and esp glittery/bedazzled ones .Like wtf is up with their stylists?Maybe they can't afford to have any stylists anymore ,so they are dressing themselves .Or maybe they are buying clothes off the clearance rack .I sure am ,but I'm not the one who has to walk the red carpet or be taken pics of.

Happy Vday!:Hottest African Couples Edition.+Dbanj goes shirtless for mag.

Happy valentines day 2 everyone .While you're out partying ,I put together a list of who I think are the hottest African celeb couples .This list includes Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle,Djimon and Kimora ,Sanaa Lathan and Adewele,Akon and one of his wives /girlfrends ,One of the psquared twins and his wife ,Dare and his wife ,as well as 9ice and his wife,Seal and Heidi ,Nadia and Micheal essien ,Charlize Theron and Usi and Selita,Liya and her husband Kassie Kebede,Gelila Assefa (ethiopian desinger) and Chef husband Wolfgang Puck ,Tyler Perry and gelila bekele ,Alke wek and her bf Ricardo .Maybe David Banda and Zahara can date when they grow up.
D'banj was in Hi Magazine and went shirtless for the mag ,just in time for valentines .So for anyone who loves him ,go ahead and drool.

Plus here is the perfect vday song that we african ladies would love 2 hear a man sing .It never gets old.Its 2face with African Queen.Happy vday !

Event fabulosity :Estelle+new music +Djimon and Kimora

Djimon and his fiancee Kimora Lee are expecting as I told you before and that hasnt stopped them from attending a number of events .Infact,I've seen pics of them almost everyday .They have been attending movie premieres (Djimon's movie Push is coming out soon),as well as pre-grammy parties abt a week ago ,and fashion shows .Peep the pics .I cannot wait to see that baby!
Estelle was a performer at the grammy's with Kanye West and I am not a fan of the outfits she wore .(As usual).She did not walk away empty handed .The star was spotted hitting up the Vip Gift lounge suite before the grammy's ,and was at a fashion show for fashion week .She has confessed to being in a relationship with an "american boy".(though she refuses to give names.She has a new song out as well,as she is working on her new album.Her new song is descibed as being different from her last album .Enjoy the pics and check out Estelle's new song.


Naija celebs party it up!Psqaure and Dare .

Party fever was everywhere with Dare celebrating his bday ,with his wife and naija celebs like Weird Mc (female rapper) and D'banj the "koko" master in attendance .Psquare partied with their brother Jude who shot one of their videos and directed it and some ladies .Check the pics.(remember 2 click pics 2 make them larger).I can't tell them apart but I hope the one who has a gf with a bay isn't the twin who looks like hes enjoying the company of that chick.Apparently the twins are working on a new album and are still riding high on the success of their last album which featured hits like "Do Me" and "Ifunaya".The pink outfit is a nono and will be featured on my "who should fire their stylist edition",and those yellow duracs need 2 be disposed of in the nearest trashbin. As for Dare ,I put up his latest video a while ago so check the previous posts.

Spotted:!Samantha /Djimon/Dare/Lupe/Akon/Dbanj.

Djimon Hounsou was spotted at Clive Davis' pre-grammy party ,Lupe was at the grammys and lost an award ,and was also spotted at the Black Eyed Peas charity event .Akon was spotted on the set of dj drama's new video ,and D'Banj was at the africa inspire concert.Dare was at the future awards.Samantha Mumba (irish-zambian singerand actress who was in Mission Impossible 2 ) has been out of the spotlight in forever ,so i was stunned when i saw her pics.The outfit needs 2 be featured too.I mean i knw that we are in a recession ,but come on!