Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My frends showing African Pride.

Maybe I should watch more News.

I just found out about what is happening in South Africa and I am so saddened ,angry,afraid ,sickened and heartbroken that this is happening in sa of all countries.I mean I knw that there is a high crime rate but how can people start to kill the very people that helped them gain Independence?That is unfair and uncalled for.When will africans learn to be united ?I mean now that just prooved to the International Community and FIFA especially ,that maybe SA isn't ready to host the World Cup.I mean first there was the issue of general Violence and now this?

Then comes the drought in Ethiopia.I am saddened because almost every time that Ethiopia comes up,the images that are frozen in people's minds are hungry children.

I am mad that the US media and Int media only chooses to talk about Africa when something bad is happening.Why?Damn ,I am so emotional about this.

And maybe I don't watch enough news and thats no one's fault but mine but all i know is that i will be watching more closely now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Big Brother Africa 's Richard the next Van Viker?

From reality show contestant to actor?Hmm..haven't we all heard that one before?Well for Big Brother Africa 2 's winner Richard Bezuidenhout ,that's the way it is.The $100,000 winning Tanzanian is set to conquer Nollywood in a movie about a guy who falls in love with four sisters and manages to somehow convince them to sleep with them.That sounds like a perfectly dramatic Nollywood movie ,huh?So does anyone think that he will be the next Van Vicker ?Well Van is a bad boy in the movies and I'm personally in love with him so my vote on who's hotter and who reps the bad boys we hate to love goes 100% to Van.But I guess it won't be hard to play a cheater seeing as Richard was sexually involved with Angolan housemate Tatiana while he was still married .Old habits die hard ,huh?


Okay this video had a lot of people talking .The comments I saw on Youtube where mosly negative and I agree .I don't know every single African Dance there is ,but this looks more Carribean to me.This dancing is the kind of dance that makes people get it twisted and think that that is African Dance when it really isn't.This is what we are made to believe is African dance by people who claim to be experts . So I thought to put this up to let people know that this is not African dance.



Now that's what I call African Pride

This are videos from some Nigerian Dance team in the US that I found on Youtube.They are college students and doing their thing at an Africa Day performance.

My Love Affair with Injera Part 2

So I think it was some time last week when my friend Lawrence met me before lunch as is usual most school days.He was carrying a lunchbox of Injera that was given to him by a friend who is Ethiopian.I had to practically beg him for some and after much convincing ,as well as a promise to keep the food for ourselves and not tell anyone (my sis) ,he let me have some.That was the best Injera I have eaten in ages and it was so good that all the begging was worth it.U guys need to head to google and type in ethiopian restaurants in whatever area you live because u need to taste that good stuff I would have taken a pic but I was so into the moment that I forgot.