Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maybe I should watch more News.

I just found out about what is happening in South Africa and I am so saddened ,angry,afraid ,sickened and heartbroken that this is happening in sa of all countries.I mean I knw that there is a high crime rate but how can people start to kill the very people that helped them gain Independence?That is unfair and uncalled for.When will africans learn to be united ?I mean now that just prooved to the International Community and FIFA especially ,that maybe SA isn't ready to host the World Cup.I mean first there was the issue of general Violence and now this?

Then comes the drought in Ethiopia.I am saddened because almost every time that Ethiopia comes up,the images that are frozen in people's minds are hungry children.

I am mad that the US media and Int media only chooses to talk about Africa when something bad is happening.Why?Damn ,I am so emotional about this.

And maybe I don't watch enough news and thats no one's fault but mine but all i know is that i will be watching more closely now.

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