Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Love Affair with Injera Part 2

So I think it was some time last week when my friend Lawrence met me before lunch as is usual most school days.He was carrying a lunchbox of Injera that was given to him by a friend who is Ethiopian.I had to practically beg him for some and after much convincing ,as well as a promise to keep the food for ourselves and not tell anyone (my sis) ,he let me have some.That was the best Injera I have eaten in ages and it was so good that all the begging was worth it.U guys need to head to google and type in ethiopian restaurants in whatever area you live because u need to taste that good stuff I would have taken a pic but I was so into the moment that I forgot.

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Anonymous said...

maz! i miss it so much.... omg... im jealous you had some... :(