Sunday, January 25, 2009

9ice celebrates bday .

Nigerian singer 9ice ,who just got married and welcomed a baby ,was thrown a surprise bday party recently .Here are the pics .Check his expressions:Pricless!

Osi Umenyiora moving on?+ baby news for Psquare and cribs.

So apparently ,Nigerian NY Giants man Osi has been dating Free ,an ex-host of 106 and Park and Jay Zs ex .Not sure if him and Vic secret model Selita E-banks have officially broken up (because I wasn't keeping up with their relationship in the first place ) ,but apparently Free has been showing her love for this Naija boy by giving shoutouts 2 the Giants on her radio show ,even thg she is an open supporter of some other team .Hmmm...I smell girlfight .And if it does go down ,you will hear about it right here .

and onto other Naija boy news .One of the psuare twins welcomed a baby boy in november with his longtime gf .(Wiping away tears of betrayal ).Congrats though !Seems like with the cold weather ,people can't help but make it baby-making season .oh well..(sigh).The twins gave a tour of their "crib " which can be accessed by clicking here .Enjoy!

The randomness: Akon doesn't Knw his real age.

It seems to me like only Akon can pull off this foolywang behavior and keep a straight face .The "I'm So Paid " singer recently revealed that while he does have a birth certificate ,he doesn't really know his real age .Akon said ,
"All it's going to do is depress me,"
"I don't want to know I'm getting older. Then I'll start to think about getting checkups and insurance. I don't want that."
According to the Associated Press ,
" Numerous reports have put his age between 25 to 35 years old. In 2006, he gave his age as 25. But now, he claims his birth certificate shows he was born on April 16, 1977, which would make him 31".
According to Akon ,
"In Africa ... age is not important over there. They don't care. People only focus on it here (America) and in Europe."
"I feel like I'm 21 right now," he says. "And I'll be 21 for the next 10 years."

Okay Akon .(Blank stare ,them SMDH).First of all,Akon needs a freaking reality check.Noone wants to grow older but come on ,21?Please?If Akon is 21,Im like 3 years old .And in Africa noone cares about age?Sure Akon ,sure ...

Djimon and Kimora having a baby?

When I read this on the , I was ectastic .I've been talking for months about how I want those two to just tie the knot already and start making beautiful colored babies .So we are still not sure whether the kind -of -engaged couple (kimora's words) are walking down the aisle.(though she's been seen wearing a huge rock ).Anyhoo,US weekly has confirmed that the couple is indeed expecting .Apparently Kim is 4 moths preggers ,but is insecure about it .(hence the reason for her strategically positioning her bag over her tummy on a recent lunch date ).Congrats Djimon and K!I'm sure a maternity section of babyphat is on the way !

New Music Fix : 2 face ft Sound Sultan -ENTER THE PLACE.

If you read my blog,(Shame on you if you don't ),you would know that 2 face just released his new album Unstoppable .I put up a few songs from his new album ,and this is what I believe to be his first official video .Its for the song "Enter The Place".It was shot in London,Uk (as is shown when the video begins ).It's the usual club scene -girls-dancing-alcohol-flowing-thing .So what do you think?I personally think 2 face is gng places .
And here is part of an interview that 2 face did where he fielded some tough questions .
What about your album? It wasn’t a commercial success?
Tuface “That wasn’t a complete album. Each of the tracks is a single. The album is still coming"

How are you starting the New Year?
Tuface “I go start am by stopping every bad thing wey I do last year”

Like womanizing?
Tuface “You know all of them (laughs) I don’t need to tell you"

How many kids do you have now?
Tuface “You can count them, but we don’t count children in my place"

Congrats on your new child with Annie Macauley
Tuface “Thank you”

So you have got something to show for the on-and-off relationship at last?
Tuface “if you say so. I loved her without any condition”.

Hmm..very interesting 2 face .For more on that interview ,click here

ENTER THE PLACE-2 Face ft Sultan .

Spotted:!Alek/Akon/seal/Idris/Angel /wale

Alek Wek was spotted at the golden globes ,as was Seal who escorted his super-model wifey Heidi Klum .Akon was spotted in Dc partying it up for Obama's inauguration and at some Moet event .Idris was at the notorious screening and served as Dj for some event .Angel Melaku partied it up in dc as well and was at the notorious screening. Nigerian Wade was partying it up in dc as well.
So,comments?Not feeling Alek's dress .

Celestina in "Freeze " Video.

Okay ,I know I haven't blogged in a while ,but Im back after the absence ,so here we go.Does anyone remember a show called "Dance Life" that was broadcasted on MTV a couple of years ago?The show followed dancers trying to make it big and get their big break.
Nigerian dancer Celestina was featured on the show and has been in a number of music videos since then ,including her newest cameo ,which is on T-pain and CB 's "Freeze " music video .Peep the pics right here.
She was also featured in mimimgazine last year ,so peep her interview with the mag here

Here is a youtube video of her .


Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Eritrean Choreographer Luam

Luam was born in Eritrea, east Africa, and came with her family to live in Seattle, Washington. At the age of 17, Luam move away from her family to go to University of Pennsylvania in Philly. She then moved to New York City and began to teach and choreograph. Luam has worked with many artist including, Ludacris, Kanye West, Fergie, Kelis, Ashanti, Ciara, Rihanna and more. You may have also noticed Luam in the video 'ROLL' by J Status ft. Rihanna. Luam is becoming a youtube sensation and also has a clothing line. Check out her website Or go to her myspace page

Here is a short documentery of Luam's life.

Here she is in the video 'ROLL' by J Status (She's the one with the curly hair and camouflage top)

I'll be posting more videos of her soon so keep it locked. And don't 4get to COMMENT!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Somalian sisters 'Sweet Rush' have been popping up all over the internet these days. Their newest contribution was featuring on new R'n'B singer Landon's song 'Trust Me'. Don't know who the guy is either, but I guess he was good enough for them to be featured on his song. Personally I don't really like the song. They could have at least had a solo. All they're doing is singing back up. Tell me what u guys think.Click here to listen.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Randomness:Africa by Salif Keita.

I was thinking abt this video and i searched it youtube..and now I have to put it up.I remember dancing to this song..and not understanding a word..until I learnt francais..


Dare is that You?/New Music and Dare ties the knot!

Welcome to my new series "I didn't Know You Still existed" where I will feature artists that were once in the spotlight ,but vanished for a while ..and are now back!My first post on this exciting new series features Dare Art Alade,who was first runner up on the "Project Fame show",which aired in South Africa in 2004 or 2005 .It was a singing show where 16 contestants performed infront of a live audience every week ,and one contestant was voted off.So he had an album and some videos on Channel O, now,he's back with a new video called "Not the Girl".If this guy writes his own songs,I salute him.I love the song,the lyrics,the video..very professional looking.I love it.What do u think?Do u agree or disagree?Let me knw!Oh and apparently ,Dare got married 6 months ago to Deola Ayeni.According to my sources,the chick is a business woman who has a multi-million dollar contract.Congrats!


Here's another good song that's about 6 months old.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2Face releases New Album +duet with R.Kelly /Album launch party .

Nigeria's 2 face Idibia of "African Queen" Fame just released his new album on Dec 19th 2008.The album titled "Unstoppable" features 16 tracks ,one of them including R.Kelly .2 Face said “My fans should expect versatility, a whole lot of different flavours, fields and genres. They should expect something scintillating,” Asked why he chose the title, Tuface explained: “There were so many titles that came up. But the basic idea is, I am going nowhere. Come rain or shine, I am still going to be here by the grace of God. That therefore makes me unstoppable.”
To listen to the R.Kelly duet,click here.I'm not really into that one,But I'm already in love with "Swallow your Pride" that you can listen to here. .
The singer won the Best Nigerian act award at the 2008 World Music Awards ,and participated in a charity celebrity basketball match in Nigeria in Dec.Peep pics of his album release show in Lagos,Nigeria.

2 FACE -EXCUSE ME SISTER frm new album.

New Music Fix:Sweet Rush new video /Giant Interview/Song with Akon/Water Campaign.

I did a post on these two pretty somalian sisters Siham and Iman a while back,and since their debut album will be out early this year (2009),I wanted you to get a feel of their music ..because I have a feeling that they will be blowing up this year (and I'm usually right).Their video for their single , "Hot Sauce" is out .I like the video,but I am not feeling their voices on that track.I think their other songs are better ,but like I said,they will be hot soon,so get a headstart.Plus,as I mentioned before,they were featured in GIANT MAGAZINE's last issue and I have their interview .Not feeling the whole story about how they want to live together forever(Weird,even for sisters)..or how they want to star in a Lord Of the Rings -Type African version.(WTF?)They also did a song with Akon,called Trouble maker(can't wait till I see the video .Akon will prob try to "dry hump them "),and a campaign for water.

Quotes from the article.
Do you think your Somalian roots have affected who you are as artists today?

Siham: Definitely. From a cultural perspective, we don’t necessarily talk about certain things in our songs.
Like what?

Siham: Drinking. In-your-face sexual stuff. It’s kind of a cultural thing. We’re not very open about things like that.

Do you ever feel pressured to do that? Sex does sell.

Iman: I think definitely from working with other writers and producers, they want us to loosen up. But as far as our label, they like the way we are and they want to keep that image.
Read the full article here and check out their myspacepage




Did you know They Were African?:Isiah Washington /Chris Rock/Gym Class Heroes Dude.

And now,for another exciting (lol) blog post of my series ,"Did You Know They Were African?".Here we go.
At the end of 2008,former Grey's Anatomy star Isiah Washington took the DNA test that can trace african-americans roots back to Africa ,and according to the DNA,he is part Sierra-Leonian and part Angolan .According to ,the actor was granted citizenship from the Sierraleonian government after he petitioned.Well,I'm hoping to see him doing some charity work back there and building schools and all that.He could use his star power for a good cause.

Chris Rock is apparently from Cameroon ,and he used the african ancestry DNA Kit as well.According to concreteloop,he is from the Udeme people of northern cameroon.

And lastly,Gym Class Heroes guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo(what a mouthful!) is from Congo DR.I guessed that just from the name.

Spotted:!Akon and Djimon+Is Akon cheating?

Akon was spotted at some Xmas party over xmas ,as well as at some Moet and Chandary (whatever that is event)and Djimon and Kimora were spotted lounging around in Hawaii with Kim's kids Aoki and Ming Lee.Im wondering when the wedding is ..or when they are gonna confirm that they have been "secretly married/engaged"..remember ,when that ish gets confirmed,u heard it here .
Okay,now to Akon .The senegalese "Freedom " singer was spotted at an La Lakers game this weekend with some arm candy .And I doubt that she is one of his "wives" who I think are african .So what's the deal here Akon?Is he cheating,is she one of the wives?Wait,I just googled "Akon wives",and states that "only one of the wives is [a native of Africa], the other two are American ".So maybe she is one of his wives.So what do you think?Is she or isn't she?Let me knw!And is it just me or is Akon's chick looking worried?I would be if I was caught on camera with a married man who has not one ,but three wives.Hmm..(twidling my fingers and waiting for the drama to start..I'll be here 2 report)

Interview with Face of Africa Winner Kate Menson.+West African Top Model?

I did a post the last time I blogged about Kate Menson ,who is the Ghanian that walked away with a modelling contract,nokia accessories and most importantly,the title of "Face of Africa " 2008.Here is an interview with her that was taken a few days after she won.


Speaking of modelling ,Oluchi,the winner of the first ever Face of Africa competition ,will be hosting West Africa 's version of "Top Model".Auditions are being held,and sixteen contestants will work those runways to try to be west africa's first top model.Apparently,this will be a continental show ,as after west africa,the rest of the regions will host "Top Model shows".Two questions ,:Will Tyra Banks make personal appearances?Will we have a cute judge like Nigel Barker,a Miss Jay and mr Jay,and someone as crazy as Janice was when she was a judge?If not,I won't even bother .Cuz Top Model is not Top Model without Miss Jay.I'll be waiting..Wanna be ontop?For more info,go to
Peep the Promo here .

West Africa's Top Model Promo.