Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Music Fix : 2 face ft Sound Sultan -ENTER THE PLACE.

If you read my blog,(Shame on you if you don't ),you would know that 2 face just released his new album Unstoppable .I put up a few songs from his new album ,and this is what I believe to be his first official video .Its for the song "Enter The Place".It was shot in London,Uk (as is shown when the video begins ).It's the usual club scene -girls-dancing-alcohol-flowing-thing .So what do you think?I personally think 2 face is gng places .
And here is part of an interview that 2 face did where he fielded some tough questions .
What about your album? It wasn’t a commercial success?
Tuface “That wasn’t a complete album. Each of the tracks is a single. The album is still coming"

How are you starting the New Year?
Tuface “I go start am by stopping every bad thing wey I do last year”

Like womanizing?
Tuface “You know all of them (laughs) I don’t need to tell you"

How many kids do you have now?
Tuface “You can count them, but we don’t count children in my place"

Congrats on your new child with Annie Macauley
Tuface “Thank you”

So you have got something to show for the on-and-off relationship at last?
Tuface “if you say so. I loved her without any condition”.

Hmm..very interesting 2 face .For more on that interview ,click here

ENTER THE PLACE-2 Face ft Sultan .

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