Monday, December 21, 2009

New Music Fix:Lupe Fiasco/JJC /Celestina

Lupe Fiasco has a new album coming out early next year and his video for the first single just came out a week ago.It was featured in New Moon,the second installment in the popular Twilight Series.Enjoy.

LUPE FIASCO-solar Midnite

JJC-we are Africans remix.
So a friend of mine told me about the remix to "We are African" which was a smash hit by Nigerian uk based JJC.I like the remix as well and it shud def play in the clubs.

So you guys remember Celestina e from MTV'S Dancelife show?Well shes now a singer and her single Omoge (beautiful lady) is actually pretty decent.You can listen to it HERE or watch her perform it +do a danceoff at the last Nigerian Independence party.ENjoy..


The Randomness:Riz making out with Cameron Diaz+Iman in t magazine+Miss Tz explains her rship with Russy

If this isnt one of the weirdest couplings of the year,then I dont know what else is.Nigerian -us-canada based singer Riz who is signed to Konvict Music may be dating Cameron Diaz.Apparently,they were spotted together after a date a few months ago and may still be dating.hmm...somehow i doubt that.

In magazine news,the ageless Iman appeared in tmagazine and looks fabulous.If theres one thing im asking Santa for xmas,its to look as ageless as her when Im in my 50's.

So remember how we were speculating on Russel Simmons interest in former Miss Tanzania Flavia Matana?Well,she took to celebrity blog to praise Russy for all his genoristy.
Here are a few quotes:

"When I met Russell Simmons a month ago in New York, I never thought that my dreams can come true so fast, I knew that it would be a long journey to success, taking me years to get to work in America as a model. But Russell Simmons has been ever so helpful giving me the opportunity to audition in New York with outstanding agencies and he is working on helping me find a modeling home in January. Have met many people but honestly he is the man of his own kind, sacrifising his time beside his busy schedule he has, very few people can do this as have had so many promises after doing well in Miss Universe but up to now haven't heard from any of the people who promised to help me pursuing my career. I am so excited about the possibilities and opportunities that await me in the future, in the United States, and I can only hope and pray that all things work out. May God bless Russell Simmons in whatever he his doing."

hmm..good for her I guess?

Amber Rose about 2 be Kwest's wifey?+vibe spread

Looks like everyone's fave bisexual ex-stripper turned arm candy turned model Amber Rose may be saying hello to the super good life as Kanye West's wife.The half capeverdian beauty has Kwest so in love that he may be popping the question when the two go on vacation in the Dominican republic.

According to the daily star,
"the rapper is rumored to be flying out to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean early in 2010 with Amber, where he will pop the question.

“He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life,” a source close to Kanye said.

“He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.”

The villa West has apparently rented costs $3,500-per night.Wow...interesting,huh?.

IN OTHER NEWS,seems like Amber is making some serious $$$ just to show up and party at a few hotspots.Apparently there was some confusion over exactly how much she got paid at some DC CLUB RECENTLY but a statement released and available on stated,
"No one paid Amber $20,000. I don’t know where these people get this stuff from. It was actually $10,000. We paid her to make an appearance for Love’s 8th anniversary party last Friday. But she was real cool and came by herself. And she was chillin’ with the staff all day actually."

Oh and she did pose for Vibe magazine's new re-launched issue that should be available in stores now.pic is above.

Angel Lola luv has new "image"+beefing with Niki Minaj?

This looks like one cat-fight ready to happen and best believe I will have all the details when and if that happens.So first things first,Angel Lola Luv ,the half ethiopian video vixen/model turned rapper has decided that its time to snap a few new pics and create a whole new image.So she released a string of pics under her rap name Lola Monroe and I cant say they look "different"..well if she says so i guess.Then she did an interview with and had a few things to say about her competition Niki Minaj.Quotes taken from via What would you say to people who may think you’re jacking Nick Minaj and her “Barbie movement”?

Lola Monroe: I don’t do the Barbie thing… that’s her thing. I really don’t agree with it, that’s basic. It doesn’t make sense to me because first off, you’re basically saying I’m jacking somebody who has never been known to have their style all throughout their career. She’s never been set to have her own style. It’s always been set to say she’s jacking Lil’ Kim to Foxy [Brown] and now Lil’ Wayne. So how can I be jacking somebody or using somebody’s style if they never been known to have their own style. That part never made sense. That’s one. Another thing, it kind of comes from Wayne is in the foundation of my music and what I’ve listened to him for years and years. So you can hear his styles in my music. And you know, that’s her mentor and that’s somebody whom she’s under and so she’s known to sound like Wayne. That’s all they say about her now. I believe the similarities may have come from that but besides that, I have my own style, I have my own lane. She does what she does, ya feel me?

The boss b**ch movement” is a female empowerment movement. It basically represents the female’s that are grinding right now. It represents female empowerment. It’s hard for females these days. Not only in the industry, but day-to-day life. So, it’s basically a push showing female strength and how we got this regardless of the obstacles we were faced with. Whether the female has a nine to five, doing school, in the club dancing, or whatever it might be. It’s female empowerment.”

I guess u can judge from the videos..its on Lola vs Niki Minaj!


Niki Minaj-back by popular demand

Are Djimora really married?+details on Benin wedding

So did they or did they (Djimora) officially tie the knot in that super secret and private "ceremony" that was reportedly held in Benin while she was still technically not yet divorced from Russy (Russel Simmons)?Well,time to finally hear it from the horse's mouth.After snapping a family holiday pic with the newest addition to the Djimora clan ,Kenzo,Miss Kimora sat down with Page Six magazine and talked weddings/food/marriage.Here are a few quotes:all taken from,

On baking,"“I bake. I make a great German chocolate cake. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a great baker, the best,” she tells the magazine. “When I bake something, I swear to god, it’s gone before it hits the plate.”

On reports that her and Djimon’s marriage isn’t legit:

“That’s hogwash. The girls were there, and we had a wonderful time,” she says. “It was very calm, family-motivated and spiritual.”

On being “normal”:

“Djimon and I enjoy discussing anything from politics to wine, and we have enriching, private, happy, balanced lives together,” she says. “That’s probably the thing that would shock people most: We do things like go to the grocery store and have fun with our kids. We’re a normal family, doing the best we can.”

Spotted:Djimon and Kimora/Amber Rose/Estelle/

Djiomon and Kimora were spotted at one of the premieres of "Nine "(need to see that).Amber Rose was spotted out and about with a friend in west hollywood .Estelle was spotted at one of Alicia Keys album release parties in New York city.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Charlize Theron kisses a girl+mandela mad at her/Amber Rose has a hater?

South African academy award winner caused quite a stir when she kissed a girl at a charity auction.The girl had to pay $140,000 for the kiss /
According to the DAILY MAIL,
"The Oscar winner was dismayed when a trip to see the football World Cup in South Africa and the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela didn't attract enough bids, so she offered up herself to raise some more money."

Is Nelson M pissy at her because of that?nope.Apparently,she auctioned off a meeting with one of the most influential men of all time and former prez of south africa without his permission.Ooops.Apparently ,she "as come under fire for allegedly auctioning off a meeting with former South African president NELSON MANDELA without his authorisation.
The Monster star attended the OneXOne benefit gala in San Francisco, California last week (22Oct09) and joined in the charity auction.
She offered up a lot which included a 20-second kiss, a trip to the 2010 soccer World Cup in her native South Africa, a safari ride and a meeting with the anti-apartheid icon"hmm..hopes this gets sorted asap.

In other news,someone seems to think bi-sexual chicks like Amber Rose arent his cup of tea.
According to sister to sister magazine,he said
"No disrespect, but no Amber Rose for me. Everybody has their past - and don’t get me wrong, I’m not judgemental at all - but I do like a certain amount of class.” we see a Kwest and Omarion beat-down?im twiddling my thumbs in anticipation.

COUPLED UP..or not?50 cent and Jamelia/ Russy and Miss Tanzania.

So 5O cent was in London promoting his new fragrance ,book and whatever else he does and was spotted on the red carpet posing with Jamelia who ia a zimbabwean london based singer famous for her song "superstar".Blogs went crazy speculating that the couple are dating ,but in truth,she is happily married to some football player guy .I would have him over 50 any day.yumm!

Then in other are-they-are-they-not -dating news ,Russel Simmons attended one of his many charity events with what some people are calling his latest arm-candy.None other than former Miss Tanzania Flavia .Miss Tanzania is a stunning woman and hopefully it was strictly business.You knw how young Russy likes his women.

Wale gets glove in DC+moving in with Solange?+talks relationships and more..

So Wale was in his hometown of DC and got one hell of a welcome with groupies showing him love in the club.Peep the pics.

In other news,according to which I dont think is a credible source of celeb news ,the nigerian rapper and beyonce;s sister Solange are house hunting .The story says ,
"“Solange is looking to rent an apartment in Brooklyn – and Wale’s been at every appointment so far.“
yeah..i doubt that.

So building on the whole are they or are they not together thing,Wale did an interview with Honey magazine where he had some interesting things to say in reference to Sol.
Here are some quotes.
"I do love her,” he admits of Solange, flashing a Cheshire. “We’re friends. She’s amazing. She’s a good person."
"“Did you interview Solange about me?” Wale asks. He’s sprawled across his bed; head practically buried in the pillow. “Did she smile when you mentioned my name?”

Wale on attention deficit(new album)
“It’s honest. Raw emotion
. It’s close to me. That’s why part of me will be a little offended if it doesn’t get heard. I don’t want people to take lack of sales as me taking a hit"

On relationships..
“It’s about the intangibles in 2010,” he says. “The superficial shit is cool – like, yeah she can fuck, or she got a big butt. That’s the x factor. We’re not going to have sex 24/7 so we need to be friends. I want a girl who you could hijack all her extra artificial cosmetics for a week and not even notice. Somebody who’s smart and can stimulate me mentally because when you on the road it’s not like you can look at ‘em or touch ‘em. I can’t stand girls who don’t challenge their intellect. It don’t hurt if she can sing a little bit.”

Akon tells baby mama to find him on Myspace?

Isnt this just interesting?one of Akon's baby mama's Sara Coleman threatened to put out a FULL PAGE ad in the LA times paper threatening Akon to pay up child support.
According to the ybf,
"Akon’s baby mama says she wants her cash from Mr. Akon. Now. He’s been late on the child support payments apparently. According to her lawyer, Farrah/Sara Coleman is taking out a FULL PAGE ad in the L.A. Times putting Akon on blast saying she hasn’t been able to find him to deliver his legal papers demanding him to pay up. Then the TMZ cameras caught up with Akon yesterday and he responded with “She can find me on Myspace…”

Heres the video of Akon saying ""You got a hold of me and you ain't even trying. I'm a celebrity. My schedule is on the internet. You can go on my MySpace, it'll tell you where I'm at!"

Akon to Baby Mama: Can't Find Me, Try MySpace!

lmao at the toomfoolenary.Seems like Akon is spreading his seed all over the place.

Spotted:/Amber Rose/Iman/Wale/Isiah W/Djimon/Kenzo/Akon/Alek/Lola Love/Liya /Ledesi/Ru Paul/Estelle/Lupe

Iman was looking super fab in her pink dress and rocking a new short cut at Glamour event.She was then spotted looking a bit pissy at the paps in Soho a few days later.She was also at fashion group night in nyc rocking a long dress with a train.I must say shes looking great for her age!

Amber Rose was spotted at various events like the Elle party,at stylist cg's bday event,at fab's bday party and spending some qtime with her boo Kanye West.

Wale was spotted at a GQ event celebrating being man of the year ,a title he took with Kid Cudi and Drake.He also performed in Seattle with Jay z and hung out with Lebon James.
Isiah W was spotted at an event .Djimon was spotted with the fam at a park in Bev Hills and his baby mama Kimora took little Kenzo out .Hes looking cuter each day!
Akon was at a gentleman's event ,while Alek Wek was spotted at an amfar evet.Lola Love signed autographs at gallery in NY (promoting her mixtape?)idk..
Liya Kebede was out and about at a glamour event while south african singer Ledesi was at the soul train awards where she performed a tribute to Chaka Khan. Cameroonian drag queen Ru Paul was spotted sans drag at an h and m and Jimmy Choo event. Estelle hit up a glamour event and diddys bday party as well as other events.Lupe was also at diddy;s bday event.