Tuesday, December 1, 2009

COUPLED UP..or not?50 cent and Jamelia/ Russy and Miss Tanzania.

So 5O cent was in London promoting his new fragrance ,book and whatever else he does and was spotted on the red carpet posing with Jamelia who ia a zimbabwean london based singer famous for her song "superstar".Blogs went crazy speculating that the couple are dating ,but in truth,she is happily married to some football player guy .I would have him over 50 any day.yumm!

Then in other are-they-are-they-not -dating news ,Russel Simmons attended one of his many charity events with what some people are calling his latest arm-candy.None other than former Miss Tanzania Flavia .Miss Tanzania is a stunning woman and hopefully it was strictly business.You knw how young Russy likes his women.

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