Monday, September 28, 2009

Boris Kodjoe loves his wifey!

Boris Kodjoe did an interview with Black Voices where he talked about the possibility of working with his wife Nicole Ari Parker again.

"Do you have any plans to work with your wife anytime soon?

BK: Absolutely, I love working with my wife. She’s an amazing actress. She’s really gifted. Every time I get a chance to work with her it makes me better. We have a great time together. We have a project in development that’s a romantic comedy we’re gonna do together next year. She’s doing ‘The Deep End’ right now, which is a new ABC series she’s shooting with Billy Zane. So she’s doing her thing. I’m very proud of her.

He also talked about his new movie Surrogates.

With this film, there was something I could be really involved with. We're living in a time where technology has slowly taken over, not only the human workforce but human communication. It's a dangerous prospect that interests me tremendously, because if we stop communicating, our relationships will break apart. That's a very critical aspect of trying to get family structures back and get relationships back on point. The movie is set in a time like today, where we have technology that enables us to live vicariously through a robot , or surrogate"

The movie opened this past weekend so check it.

The Noisettes working with Wale?+Trailer for Desert Wildflower

The Noisettes have been all over lately from clutch magazine to MTV ,to Jamati to Afripop to Ellen to TeenVogue to Arise magazine.(The lead singer Shingai Shoniwa is Zimbabwean)
I love their song "Never Forget you".They have a song which is in a Mazda commercial called "DONT UPSET THE RYTHM."
Apparently,they may be working with Wale who tweeted ,
"’working with the noisettes..i’m ji international..yee aint know?!?’)"

Check out an article on them HERE

Check them out on Ellen .



In other news,Liya Kebede stars in a new movie based on true life events and you can view the trailer below.Im def going to see that.


Estelle talks fashion week+new music+Lola Love "Runs This Town"+preggers with Souija Boys baby?

Estelle did an interview with site and had a few things to say about fashion week,accessories and gave some info on her new album.So ,for those of you who missed it ,here it is ,

YBF: You stepped off the music scene and into fashion last week. How did you enjoy Fashion Week?

Estelle: Well I am tired. Very exhausted! I’ve been all over the place. ::sighs:: I got lots of free stuff though. I really enjoyed myself.

YBF: Are there any future plans for your own fashion line?

Estelle: You know what, I love fashion! Especially accessories. (She has 14kt Gold braces on her bottom row of teeth) I am actually working on my own jewelry line that will debut in the spring of next year so look out for that.

YBF: Have you been homesick since leaving London? What exactly do you miss?

Estelle: No I don’t. Not at all. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love & miss my family but I’m not homesick. I love the states.

YBF: What are you thoughts on your former collaborator’s outburst at the VMA’s?

Estelle: Kanye! (laughs) Kanye is Kanye, What can you say. I have no comment. But things just get crazy sometimes. That’s my boy.

YBF: So what can we expect from your third solo album. Any exciting collaborations?

Estelle: Yes! Yes! Well I have about 4 more songs on the album to do and it will be done. I worked with John Legend. I’ve reached out to Mary J.Blige because she is one of my favorites so hopefully you will see a track with her as well.

So ,Ethiopian model /video vixen/actress /Karrine Steffans hater did a little "performance" with Trina over the beat to "Run This Town".*sigh...when will she stop?On a more positive note,I havent heard about pushing her new album under G-Unit as was the plan...hopefully it gets shelved... Check it anyway for a few laughs..or maybe u just love her...PS:Its kinda hard to hear so dont blame me..blame utube..



Celeb Interviews:Goapele/Charlize Theron

Half south african/half jewish oakland based singer Goapele covers oaklands Diablo Magazine where she talks Music ,babies and writing.Love the pics.She looks amazing!

Here is a brief bio for those of u who may not know her.
"Born in Oakland in 1977, Goapele (pronounced gwah-puh-LAY, which means “to go forward” in her grandmother’s Setswana dialect) is the daughter of an exiled South African political activist father and a New York–born Jewish mother. Her parents married in Kenya, then moved to the East Bay."

On Family time she says ,
"I’ve been enjoying the family time, but after we opened the Zoo in January, I said, ‘All right. It’s on,’ “I’m ready to put out some new music.”

'This is a busy time for Goapele. In addition to working on the studio and new record, she’s a partner in a soon-to-open designer boutique, as well as a nightclub in Oakland’s booming Uptown neighborhood.'

On writing,she says "A lot of what I do is solitary. It’s me in a room, writing a song,” she says. “It’s hard to know if this will connect with an audience.”

On memories of south africa she says "A lot of my family is from South Africa, and during my childhood, there was a rich South African community in the Bay Area,”



In other interview news ,Charlize Theron says she and her long term bf Stuart will not get married anytime soon .She said ,
""I don't want to get married because right now the institution of marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a country where we all have equal rights...I have so many friends who are gay and lesbian and would so badly want to get married, and I wouldn't be able to sleep with myself."
She was also in the September Issue of VOGUE magazine where she said ,"I just know I’m going to have five boys.We’ve been together for almost nine years, so by now we’ve kind of realized that we’re going to take this journey together.”


Are Djimon and Russel beefing over the kids?+Djimon loves the Earth!

I found an interesting letter written by Russel Simmons in response to an article that was written about his kids and their relationship with djimon .So are they beefing over who the kids love more?
Check Russy's letter ,
"The Post managed to do what the others didn't…they got under my skin, found a raw nerve, hit it and actually hurt me. They reported that my beautiful daughters, after their mother's fashion show, "went straight up to Djimon Hounsou and gave him a hug, bypassing biological dad Russell.” I'm sorry but targeting my family, my kids who I love so very much and trying to suggest there is some underlying jealousy, favoritism or lack of love between my kids and I or any of that is low and extra dirty".

On Djimon ,
"Djimon is a great father and step-father for my kids. And I try to be a good father that's the reality. The NY Post tried to take an arrow to my heart and hit me where any father would feel the most pain, and at least for a moment, they succeeded. Sorry to tell the Post and the other sites that picked up this story, that there is NO story here to tell. My girls went and hugged and kissed both Djimon and myself, cris-crossing us equally at the same time. He and I are family. I even tell my lovely daughters they are lucky to have two fathers. It saddens me to know that so many people are comfortable making a living by selling pain".

Oh well,I guess its all sunshine and daisies then.So ,just wondering who would win a throwdown..russy or djimon?I have my money on

Speaking of Mr Hounsou,he was looking his dapper dark chocolaty self at the UN where he talked abt climate Change.His hubby Kimora was there and tweeted ,

"Currently @ the U-N. Involved in a discussion w/ all the heads of state incl. Barack Obama, re climate change which impacts 100’s of millions of ppl! "

Are Wale and SOL just friends?pics +video/Akon releasing MJ single?

U guys will remember the pics I posted up of Wale and Solange in Central Park having a picnic and listening 2 music?Well..even though she said on twitter that them two are just "friends"(they all say that)and even though they are "working together" music wise,we hear rumours that maybe they are getting to know each other better..or maybe they are already dating.A pic surfaced of Solange attending Wale's bday party in his Dc hometown at the PARK.Wale does not appear in the pic.
However,a video interview conducted by with Wale may or may not tell us that they are dating.Skip to 1:30+ when he shrugs when asked about Solange and says "thats my hommie"..hmm...oh well...other rumours are that Wale got to perform at the VMA'S because of Jay Z.since he may be dating Sol,apparently she put in a good word for him 2 jay z.I dont blive that.I mean Jay doesnt organize the VMA's and Wale is pretty talented on his own so he doesnt need backing like that.


In other celeb news,and as you can see from the video ,Akon was asked about whether he got the go ahead to release MJ's single and he said he couldnt talk about it yet.I guess we'll have to wait....

Spotted:Disashi /Amber Rose/Wale/Djimon /Kenzo/Estelle/Akon/2 face/Lola Love/

It was a busy week in celeb ville .Our fave recenly claimed African AMBER ROSE was spotted exchanging saliva with her boo boo Kanye West at one of the countless events they attend.guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo of gym Class Heroes fame was also spotted at the hip hop honors event.
WALE attended the hip hop honors awards and later was spotted at Lebron James movie premiere event.
Djimon and his partner Kimora went to the UN where Djimon gave a speech on Climate change.From the pics,it looks like he was really into that speech and passionate about what he was saying.Dont we all love a good cause?
Baby Kenzo made another apperance at the airport as his mama and daddy flew back to LA .Estelle was spotted in her hometown of London for London Fashion week,and she also performed at an event.
Akon was at the Lebron event .I think thats his bro boo in the pic.2 FACE was at the Guniess beer 250 bday party in Nigeria where Sean Paul performed as well as Psquare and other acts.
Video vixen/rapper Lola Love was invited to Lisa Raye's bday party.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did You know they Were African?feat Amber Rose /Boris Kodjoe./Noemie Lenoir

So u all knw who Amber Rose is ya?No intro needed.U knw shes Kanye West's boo ,is now a model (*cough),is bi and was a stripper at a club in Mt Vernon ,NY.
What you may not have known about this bleach-blond,buzzcut-cat eye-contact wearing girl is that she is African.Well ..shes part African.Her mama is Cape Vedrdian and her dad is Italian -American.I doubt we'll be racing to claim her.Maybe if Kanye goes on tour she can discover Africa .

Moving on ,that hawt and sexy light-skinded (just how I like them) man Boris Kodjoe from "Brown Sugar" and Madea (among other movies ) is part african as well.His dad was a Ghanian physician and his mum was German.(Yummy Yummy)...hes too fine!I need to INTERVIEW HIM!LOL...

Lastly,Noemi Lenoir who is a vic secret model and was hooking up with Russel Simmons for a while is part Afrcan.
On ,she said ""I come from very humble beginnings in a French ghetto ,with my my mother being of African descent..I am African and I know the struggle of Africans…".Her mother was from the Reunion and Malagasy islands.

So there u have it!

Spotted:Wale/Isiah W/Kenzo/Djimon/Idris/Noemi/Alek/Iman/Boris Kodjoe

wale had a front seat at Kimora Lee's baby phat show in nyc last week.
Isiah Washington was spotted at a DKNY party.Djimon Hounsou and his baby-mama Kimora were booed up at her spring 2010 baby phat runway show for fashion week which was held in Nyc at the Roseland Ballroom.She did the finale walk with her daughers Aoki and Ming Lee,as well as baby Kenzo,her baby with hubby Djimon.he is gonna be a heart-breaker when he grows up!!
Idris Elba was at a bond party ..Alek Wek was at fashion week,and Iman was at a dior party..
Noemi Lenoir who is half African walked the streets of Ny during fashion week.Boris Kodjoe and his wife held a benefit called Sophie's voices which raised money for charity.Sophie is their cute daughter's name btw.I didnt knw they were married though.Maybe they met on the set of Brown Sugar.The one that had Taye Diggs and sanna Lathan.Love that movie!!Him and his wife aslo attended the baby p show.

Idris Elba in Takers +making music?+next black james bond?

Peep the new promo poster for "Takers",a movie that stars Idris ,Chris Brown and a host of other celebs.Apparently,Idris will be using his brit accent.(*Yes....)
On another note,Idris will be releasing a new album soon.FOR DETAILS,CHECK HERE

An article on his role in "Takers"is available HERE ,as is the trailer.Gotta love that man!

Rumours are circulating that he may be picked as the first ever black James Bond ,after pics of him at a James Bond party were circulated on the web.What do u guys think?

Estelle hits up Fashion week and related events.

As you guys know,Fashion Week in NY has been going on and should just have concluded.Estelle attended a bunch of events from gucci events to actual fashion shows.She seems to have fired her stylist as she's dressing way better than ever...and she actually has a jewellery line with Rachel Ray coming out in the spring of 2010,and she designed a tank-top for H and M's fashion against AIDS.check her pics and for actual coverage of fashion week and the designs go to and .