Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wale about to be Beyonce's Bro in law?+New music and album delays?

Okay ,so maybe I'm thinking too far ahead in the future.But you never know these days.people date for three weeks and the next thing,they are walking down the aisle.Anyway,Nigerian-Dc based rapper wale was spotted enjoying a beautiful summer day in Central Park Ny(still need to go there) with Solange Knowles.They lounged on the grass and listened to music.Maybe they collaborating on a new album?cuz last I heard,Solange was dating some other person.Can u envison Wale as little Juelz new step-daddy?Time will tell.I will keep u posted!but we have pics nontheless.

In other Wale news,even though his performances during the VMA'S got him some nods,Wale may be delaying the release of his debut album.
According to concrteteloop ,
"DC native Wale’s album is getting delayed, but with good reason.

His debut studio album, Attention: Deficit will now hit stores on November 3rd, but not due to label complications. Wale is will be hitting the road with none other than Jay-Z, on a tour of college campus arenas and traditional venues.

At this year’s VMA’s, fans were pleased to see that Wale performed in between performances and awards with the well-known DC go-go band, UCB. Joining him on the stage with the house band, also were Solange, Kid Cudi, Pitbull and a host of others. He is currently promoting his third single, featuring Jazmine Sullivan, “World Tour.”.



Wale-MY SWEETIE-(i love this one..sounds so african with the tuning)

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