Friday, May 28, 2010

Did you know they were African:Thandie Newton/Slash

Thandie Newton is half Zimbawean(mother) and half British.Her full name "Thandiwe" means "Beloved" in Shona and she and her family lived in ZAMBIA but then moved to the UK as a result of political instabilty...she has 2 children with her husband .

This next person is probably someone you wouldnt guess is half african... former Guitarist of the band Guns and Roses Slash ,born Saul Hudson has a british father Anthony Hudson and a Nigerian mother Ola hudson who was a costume designer for artists like David Bowie.

Estelle falls in the midnight hour..

Estelle has some new music in the works for her new album.She released the single "Freak" which i absolutely hated..and now she has some new be honest,i think im over the whole estelle thing..when she was a "rapper" singing 1984,i didnt like her music ..then she did "American Boy" and Come over" and I loved those..but just not liking any of the new stuff..check it out and see what u think..

MIDNIGHT HOUR -Reflection Eternal ft Estelle


Common has a Nigerian baby mama?+Jim IKE is sorry..

Apparently US rapper Common,who is also dating tennis pro Serena Williams has a Nigerian baby mama..i dont knw how true this is seeing as its still unconfirmed ..but apparently his ex gf is from Edo state and his kids name is Omoye which "happens to be a name from the ancient Benin Kingdom OR Ishan Kingdom (in Nigeria)"..okay..

And Nigerian Nollywood actor Jim Ike cheated on his long term gf Kenturah Hamilton,then released a statement saying ,

"It has been a very difficult time for both of us. I have apologized to Keturah profusely and told her that we are all human-prone to all the frailties and foibles. I fell off the wagon and betrayed her faith and trust in me, and for that I have told her how deeply sorry I am. This has been a teachable time for me. It is also a time for redemption and I dare say it has made me a better person. I am more perceptive, more in tune with the concerns and feelings of other people. I am happy that I have such a sweet and beautiful soul in Keturah and she has found it in her heart to forgive me. She actually flew to Nigeria to be with me in the heat of the whole situation, and that was very helpful. I have assured her that I will never betray her trust again”

damn..idk if i would be THAT forgiving..

Is Wale homophobic?

This story was on every other blog out there..apparently Nigerian rapper Wale was supposed to perform at an event in DC that was a gay pride event ...and he cancelled...the story is that his people were not informed of the nature of the event..or some ish like that..according to Honey Magazine,

"Rapper Wale is facing much criticism after canceling an appearance at a gay pride event in Washington D.C. One of the organizers of the event spoke to the D.C. Metro Weekly about the rapper’s last minute cancellation. “Basically, we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event,” said D.C. Black Pride board member Earl Fowlkes. “What happened is that when the first blast went out that Wale was going to be at Black Pride he got cold feet, and his agent first said Wale wasn’t available because he had to do family stuff. Then we got another e-mail saying he didn’t know what kind of event this was when he agreed to it.” A rep for Wale released a statement explaining that Wale was not informed of the nature of the event. "hmmm,...

Spotted:Akon/Kenzo/Alek/Thandie Newton/Gabby/Amber Rose

Senegalese signer Akon was at the Wango Tango event in La with Kelly Rowland and Dj Guetta who he did "Sexy Chick "with.

Djimon Hounsou and Kimora's son just turned one and he is already on the cover of a Kenzo and his mama were in Baby Couture magazine.Cuteness!

Alek Wek and Gabby Sidibe hit up the party for the Lazarous effect,which is a movie showing how Product Red is giving back to the causes it advocated like HIV/AIDS..the video was shot in Zambia btw..

Thandie Newton was at the Keep a Child Alive benefit and another event where she looked stunning in both outfits... and everyones fave stripper turned rappers gf Amber Rose was hanging out with her bff and rumuored ex Dezshe was also spotted at a Maxim party..all in a days work..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Books Im reading..

For some reason,ive been reading more african books this summer than ever before.Maybe because I feel guilty for still not reading "Things Fall Apart"..i knw we have the movie somewhere..i think..But I think the reason why i started reading the books ive read so far is because I can actually RELATE to some of the books.Chinua Achebe and Ngugi Wathiongo are talented writers ,but I feel as though they are set in times when I wasnt even born..hence being able to imagine what life was like at the time the books are set in was challenging.Now ,there are a whole new list of writers who share my story:brain drain,feeling stuck between two cultures etc...

The story I relate to the most is Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua.i read it in like a day...I liked Purple Hibiscus by Chimanda Adiche .Some funny moments in that book..and im currently reading "A long way gone" by Ishmael Beah.I should be done soon though im SCARED it will give me nightmares.They are all different yet touching stories and I would advise you to read them...

I love AFRICA!!

This came about because my friend was saying that it seems like all my links on facebook are about Africa in some way...which is true.Maybe I'm OBSESSED with Africa?No...the thing is,I mix business with pleasure..most of the stuff I read about concerning Africa is useful information for me on the various sites I write for.and I have a genuine interest in my continent..maybe its because of my upbringing,maybe its because Im the PR of African Student Association at SUNY ALBANY..maybe thats why I started the blog,maybe thats why I started Club Africa Alive in my old school..maybe thats why I write for african magazines...idk...I just love AFRICA..I love african food,i like to discuss African politics,fashion ,music,entertainment.I love attending African events...Im a LOA(Lover of Africa) i guess...