Monday, June 23, 2008

Giving it to you African Style..Summer 2008!

Hello Afrlilicious people...Thats my new fav I will be giving you more this summer .!I will do an African summer style that u can always show your African Pride..whether in your bathing suit,your bag or just your accessories.I will have a music section where I will go back in time and put up all those tunes that we were listening to at Braais, House Parties,on the street,at the store etc.Those songs that still have us jiving.I will have a section on all the good stuff frm back home..u knw the Liqour !lol...Good African books to read,Places to go ,the whole im basically giving you an overdose of the good stuff frm the motherland ...Summer has officially began!Nd i'll def be buying blogging for dummies to learn how to make my blog more popular.Later people...

We doing summer African Style ! Part 2

Hello everyone ,U knw that excited feeling you get when u think something fun is about to happen?Well I can feel it!I have so much more instore for you on this blog.I'm gonna be putting more of more personal videos up there I head 2 nyc and ask people wh at they know about Africa.This summer I will be working as an assistant to scriptwriter Fafi as he writes his newest film series which will be set in my country-Yeah!Im so excited about that opportunity as writing is my number one passion .Im like beyond honored that he chose me.Well I'll also be interviewing him for the blog.

Hmm..what else?I will be working on my sch newspaper and I hope to use that to write stories about the African Club ...we have so many plans for our club as well..will be crazy.

I'm thinking of going into business as well and promoting Africa ,maybe creating an African magazine targeted to African teenagers .Kind of like Seventeen mag or Cosmogirl meets Africa.It would be an online magazine as well.It would probably be free.

I'm thinking of getting my friends together for a fashion shoot that would have us all dressed up in our national gear.It wouldn't be sold...just for us.
And my search for a nice African boyfriend has finally ended let's hope this lasts ...
So I will basically have more personal how-to vidoes,go to hot african spots in nyc and handle being Vp of the African club,maybe CEO of my own business...all in one crazy summer .You'll get to see the drama and everything else as I put the ball in motion for an African revolution /Movement.Oh I almost forgot..we might be performing at the Africa Day parade on August 25th.Lol..i feel like Im getting my own reality show!

Love always ...Maz..the official Afrilicious girl...Mwah!

Remember ..Africa Rocks always !

Ilmao Crazy Video.(Crazy remix by Violet Moyo.)

This is a remix of Crazy ..the song by Ceelo and his freind..I forgot their way the girl is Zimbabwean and she lives in the Uk.U can search her on google and get links to her Myspace page where she has sexyback remixes and other songs.Her name is Violet Moyo by the way.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Music Fix !

Because I love everyone ,I will be giving you a dose of what is "hot" back home .Here are some new tracks that are playing like crazy in the clubs and at house parties.


Bleksem-God is a Dj

Akon-I can't wait

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Akon on TRL and at Spot light

Here are pics of Akon from his June 9th appearance on TRL in New York city where he was primarily there to promote his new protege Colbie of the "what you got" song that has been receiving massive airplay on radio.Akon later performed at the Spotlight in Nyc and attended Ludacris' after party at webbie.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Harlem Haibraiding Experience.

Being an African girl ,I know what it means to have bad -hair days or days when you wish that you had nice "white " hair so that you could copy the hairstyles that the stars you see in Star magazine flaunt.So,in order to have that killer bob that Rihanna has been sporting ,we have to get our hair weaved or sometimes braided.That means getting on a bus or the train and heading to Hairbraiding central:Harlem.I had never actually been to Harlem before ,as my friends usually did my hair,but due to them having busy schedules,I had to make the trip to 125th street.
Two seconds after we got out of the car ,we were approached by various women asking "hair braiding ,madam?".We ended up following a west-african woman to her saloon .We walked into what looked like a workstation with about 15 african french-speaking women ,some of whom were braiding or weaving other customers hair.
The lady who would be doing our hair asked how much we wanted to pay ,which to me seemed like she wanted us to mention a high price since we really didn't know the range.
I was in that salon/makeshift house (according to me) for a long time and I witnessed people of almost every race coming in to sell things ranging from books to bedsheets,food,toys ,jewellery (probably stolen).All the while ,the women alternated between gossiping about each other and customers in french,eating ,talking on their cellphones and actually doing hair .
By the time I was done,I had nice new braids and I thought about how that experience was like watching the African version of the Barbershop movie.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Africa Freedom Day Celebrations at the UN

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Even though we only got to see the last performance ,we had a good time at the United Nations Africa Day celebrations .We got contacts for upcoming South African parties so i'll be sure to blog about those too.

The African Fashion show pics.

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African Fashion Show at Queens College.

This has been long overdue but I've finally gotten off my lazy butt .I attended my first African Fashion show in New York at Queens college and here are the pics,video and an interview with one of the models ,my sexy friend Monica.I apologize for the video not being 100% perfect but I can't afford a camera

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Interview with Monica.

Me :How did u get involved in the fashion show?

Monica :I first heard it from Martha, so I asked her to ask the person who was in charge if I couLd be in it. Before I knew it, I was told to go to Queens College and audition. The person who organized the show is Latifa, a very sweet girl. She told me I was going to participate in the show because she loved the way I walked. lol...

me :Which one was your favorite outfit?

Monica :wow, they were so many great outfits as you soo, but girl, i was feeling the traditional wear, i still go crazy when ever i look at the pictures, lol..that dress was so elegant but yet sexxxyy at the same time. got to love that...i have to say when ever i wear traditional clothes i feeel like a real woman and that also reminds me of back home.

ME :How did u prepare for the show?Was there any crazyness and drama backstage?

MONICA :lmao, crazyness, hell yeah!!....i got there early enough so i could make sure my makeup and clothes were ready...everything was good until the show started, there was running around, throwing clothes everywear and putting on gresalin lol so that we can shine on stage... overall it was fun...another good thing was no drama and no fighting.

ME :Do you think that the fashion show educated people about African Fashion? Yes

monica :ofcourse it did, but i think it would have been better....those he had no idea what Africa is hopefully learned something and went home to google it lol....i say it could have been batter by having to tell the audiance of how Africa has developed over the years, but then it was just "The African Fashion Show"...on the other hand hopefully we helped to open peoples eyes...

ME:Any more plans to model ?Well u have to model for our fashion show in the fall.Thats not an option

MONICA :i love modeling but i just do it for fun you girl you are jokking right are crazy.......i would love toooo, hopefully it will be on a day that i have no school or something.....

More Akon News!

Damn, it seems like Akon is all over the show in terms of African celeb news.Well,firstly,unfortunately ,Akon will not perform in Zambia as he was scheduled to some time later this month,due to him having a "tight schedule".Guess he's too busy working on his highly anticipated album called Acquitted ,which is a follow up to his Konvicted album.The album was supposed to come out in early spring but has been pushed back indefinitely.

Which brings up the whole jail issue that the website called the Smoking gun talked about.The website claimed that the Senegalese singer fabricated some of his past statements ,mostly referring to the amount of time he had spent in jail."It's an article,Everyone is entitled to their own opinions" is what he had to say.

According to,the singer is hoping for a Micheal J colabo and has recently worked with Kat de luna for the re-release of her 9 lives album.

Singer Ebo quits the music biz.

Ghanaian singer Ebo ,the man behind the famous "Once ,Twice " song has decided to put a hold on his singing career for good.According to,the singer's publicist mentioned that his music career was getting in the way of spending quality time with his loved ones.

I'm personally saddened by Ebo's decision because even though I only heard one song of his,it had me dancing like I was in a

So i decided to put up that memorable video up for all of you to see how good his music was.He kinda reminds me of Akon in a weird way.Is it just me who sees that?lol