Monday, June 23, 2008

Giving it to you African Style..Summer 2008!

Hello Afrlilicious people...Thats my new fav I will be giving you more this summer .!I will do an African summer style that u can always show your African Pride..whether in your bathing suit,your bag or just your accessories.I will have a music section where I will go back in time and put up all those tunes that we were listening to at Braais, House Parties,on the street,at the store etc.Those songs that still have us jiving.I will have a section on all the good stuff frm back home..u knw the Liqour !lol...Good African books to read,Places to go ,the whole im basically giving you an overdose of the good stuff frm the motherland ...Summer has officially began!Nd i'll def be buying blogging for dummies to learn how to make my blog more popular.Later people...

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