Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Music Fix:Darey,K'naan and Riz.

Darey (formely known as Dare ) ,runner up in the Project Fame show and solo artist ,has released a new video called No stars,which is a follow up to Not the Girl.I love the qulaity (esp in HD).Seems that we are stepping up in terms of video!However,the song kinda gets borring to me as im kinda tired of him and his slow songs.we need more uptempo music please!Enjoy all the music and thank me later!


I love lobve K'naan and one of my friends is working with him ,so thats great.Maybe I can get a hookup for an interview or something!Ismeal?Anyway,here is his latest video for This is Africa.Listen 2 the lyrics!


This new artist is a protegee of Akon and his latest video is called Rock the Bed.Read about him on facebook by becoming a fan.


Djimon is a daddy!

Djimon Hounsou ,one half of the Djimora clan is now a daddy !As you all knw,he is married to Kimora Lee .I have the exclusive stuff here.

According to ,Kimora had a boy and twittered about being in labor saying
"Its time!No turning back now!At hospital in labor right now".

"Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It's like WHOA! Love & Light, KLS."
Her baby daddy Russel said "Haha my baby mama tweeting beautiful picture from hospital and talking about being in labor with ming and aoki's baby sis or brother?"

Here are pics of the baby shower and Djimon running around Soho buying KLS whatever she was craving.Cute!And here is a pic of her right before giving birth.Well this morning anyway.I cant wait to see him!

Spotted:!Iman/2face/Psqaure/Emmanuel Jal/Dbanj/Wale/Osi

Iman was spotted at a spring event at the met and she was invited to some event by Michelle Obama.

2 face attended the annual hip hop awards in his home country Nigeria,while Psquare performed in the Gambia.Emmanuel Jal was spotted in Sydney ,Australia at the sydney writers festival. Dbanj performed at a wedding ceremony in Nigeria.
Wale was spotted at a concert with canadian singer Drake in Detroit,Michigan and Usi was at some espn event with his buddies.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Randomness Part 1: Nonhle for dark and lovely/Paris Hilton has a new african bff /Rwandese boy on Idols/Aminat isnt ANTM+shoutouts

Big congrats to my mentor and my friend ,the lovely south african VJ Miss Nonhle Thema who is the new face of dark and lovely.See the beautiful pic?Dark and lovely has some new lotions on the market ,so u shud definitely check them out ladies.She was also featured with her mom on the cover of the may issue of True Love magazine .I just read the article and its get ur copy 2day!plus ,season 4 of her hit show O-Access will be out soon so check out some video of her trip to Jamaica here.And here is another video of her in nyc where she was interviewing Miss Keri Hilson.I feature for 10 seconds in this one!lol

Paris Hilton seems to have a new bff.Its cameroonian first lady Chantal Biya.they met at some first ladies meeting in la.Wondering how Miss Hilton was invited.Anyhoo,now Paris is inpired to go to Africa and make that trip she claimed she would make after going 2 jail for some time.Interesting.No plans have been made yet but she will most likely travel to Cameroon as the two apparently chatted afterwards.

A Rwandese boy called Noah was a performer on Ameican Idol on Wed night results show.He sang "The World's Greatest" and got Ryan Seacrest to try 2 do some ndombolo.Hilarious!the boy was also on the Tyra show with Alicia Keys some time last year.Here is some video footage.


In top model news ,Nigerian contestant Aminat was third this season,meaning that she didnt walk away with the top prize.She was voted "Most Banging Body" on the Tyra show though and told she has a Naomi campell body.
PLus ,peep more pics from Fatima Said who was featured on Top Models in Action on ANTM.She has modelled for Betsey Johnson and Lv since the show and now lives in nyc.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Randomness PART 2: Ny Housewife's husband leaves her for ethiopian/Idris kisses and tells about Beyonce/Isiah W kicked out of his house?

Busy week with the randomness so let's get started.

If anyone watches the Real Housewives of New York,u may be familiar with Lu an Delesseps.Otherwise known as the countess.Of what i wonder?Anyway,just as she was celebrating her 16th wedding anniversary ,she got an email from he husband asking for a divorce and telling her that he was leaving her for an Ethiopian

Moving on,congrats to Idris Elba as his movie Obsessed was the number one movie when it opened.Click here for more on that
Apparently ,there was a rumor circulating around the blogosphere that him and B had beef ,but that was all put to rest when he talked about the kissing scenes that he had to do with B.According to one of my fave blogs (after this one ofcourse.),
"The pair became close on day one, when director Steve Shill demanded they pucker up for a passionate kiss just minutes after meeting each other.

Elba explains, “It was weird when I met her - within 20 minutes we had to kiss. I wasn’t complaining. It was full on, we had to do these pictures for the wall and it was full on kissing. I was like, ‘Oh god, I’m kissing Beyonce, I can’t believe it.’”

But not all the scenes between the pair were as fun to film for Elba. Idris says, “There’s a scene where Beyonce goes nuts at me and that was pretty scary.”

Isiah Washington ,former star of Grey's Anatomy who just traced his ancestry and is from sierraleone got evicted from his house after failing to make payments.According to ,"He and his wife faced eviction after falling $100,000 behind on rent, according to documents filed in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday. They were told they needed to move out unless they paid the overdue amount". SHAME.

Tanzanian on the apprentice faces Racism?+first African Playmate of the year is frm TZ!+shoutouts!

First things first,tanzania is def representing!Mona Lewis is a tanzanian former beauty queen who is now a senior business manager and is now repping for TZ on the uk version of the apprentice (love that show).So anyway,unfortunately ,apparently ,one of her teamates caused controversy when she would not allow the tanzanian to be featured in the ad that the group was creating because
"We have already got an ethnic minority. If we have two ethnic minorities, it will be like we are advertising for The Ethnic Minorities Sportswear Club". Thats what her Iranian team-mate said .She then went on to say that their white male colleague should be in the ad because " He looks so much better."Okay...smh that these issues still exist.Gud luck 2 Mona !

So ,incase u've been hiding under a rock ,u wud know that the first African was featured as playmate of the year.Ida Ljunqvist is half Tanzanian and half sweedish and will be featured in the july issue of playboy (guys ,u can start won a madza car .Yeah ,I would be happy with getting a mazda car for posing nude Mr Heffner..isnt he rich to get her a better car?oh well..
U knw the story does'nt end there ,cuz apparently Miss Ida is involved in a bitter divorce with her husband Joshua Rang,is having an affair with another dude ,and was on some website looking for men with "cash".Hmm..seems like the playboy money is running out.Maybe she should ask Hugh if she can move into the mansion?

Estelle news:Music and Fashion +Kebede takes on fashion

For all you Estelle fans ,the singer is working on her new album that she wants to release at the end of the year ,but I have an an audio of a new song she is featured on that you can listen to here .Its called IM THE SHIT.

The singer is now expanding her business to include a handbag collaboration with a desinger called Jonathan are some pics of them promoting their bagThat bag is hawt.Oh yeah,she does have a stylist (who shud be fired ) but she usually "styles myself .On tour I wear my own outfits".(That explains it).Well she seems to be stepping up her style and has you may follow her on twitter page .

Moving on ,Ethiopian model Liya Kebede has launched her own line of clothes for kids called Lemlem that will be sold exclusivley at Jcrew.Shes on facebook as well(I think she updates her own page )so check her out here. .You can read an article about her and her charity by clicking here


The lovely Iman was spotted at the Met ball as well as at the Maxim hot 100 event recently.Alek was at the met as well rocking a pink mini dress.The "Locked Up" senegalese singer Akon was spotted with one of his "women" in Miami as well as at a basketball game.
Seal who is expecting a new bundle of joy with wife Heidi Klum performed at a concert where he broke the news to fans .Mr Lupe Fiasco was at coachella where he performed ,as well as a cinco de mayo event.
The "American Boy" singer Estelle was spotted shopping for some new shoes as well as at an audi event where she kicked it with TI,Sean Paul and some other celebs.She also went out to dinner at la restuarant Katsyuna.
Idris Elba played dj at some event and looked dapper in a black suit for his obsessed premiere party.He also hit up an espn event ,as well as a cinco de mayo party.
Ayo was spotted in paris .Miss Ayo is actually performing in nyc on sunday and I really want to go.
Meanwhile ,Liya Kebede was spotted at Marc Jacob's bday party.Who looked good and who didnt?comments!