Thursday, May 14, 2009

Estelle news:Music and Fashion +Kebede takes on fashion

For all you Estelle fans ,the singer is working on her new album that she wants to release at the end of the year ,but I have an an audio of a new song she is featured on that you can listen to here .Its called IM THE SHIT.

The singer is now expanding her business to include a handbag collaboration with a desinger called Jonathan are some pics of them promoting their bagThat bag is hawt.Oh yeah,she does have a stylist (who shud be fired ) but she usually "styles myself .On tour I wear my own outfits".(That explains it).Well she seems to be stepping up her style and has you may follow her on twitter page .

Moving on ,Ethiopian model Liya Kebede has launched her own line of clothes for kids called Lemlem that will be sold exclusivley at Jcrew.Shes on facebook as well(I think she updates her own page )so check her out here. .You can read an article about her and her charity by clicking here

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