Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Kwaito came about...

See why they say we should respect our ancestors by respecting our culture: our ancestors had a purpose by creating African tradition...they made their own tribal dances and as time changed..new things come out of the tribal dances. I'm talking about the Dikgomo mix i found on youtube, showing a traditional dance from South Africa- watch carefully the way they move with their feet- its awesome! This is excatly the way Kwaito dancing goes today! I read somewhere that Kwaito came out of this traditional dance- Now, think about it..without this dance, do you think Kwaito would have existed?

Check out the ladies and their costumes..pure African creation & there is a little girl somewhere in the video killing it! ;) Enjoy the video and appreciate our own culture!

click on the link:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Randomness:New Documentary.

Here is a trailer of a documentary about "Coupe De Cale",an african style of dancing that is similar to rhumba.It looks pretty interesting.what do u think?The trailer itself provides a way to understand the culture of coupe-de-cale ,the lifestyle etc.

Estelle's new adidas ad,New album deets.

Miss Estelle seems to be pretty busy these days.The singer has been nominated for a grammy for "American Boy"(don't ask me what category) ,and her new addidas ad recently came out.Well she features in it alongside Katy Perry,Russel Simmons and other celebs.(Haven't seen it on tv yet though).
She is already making preparations for her next album.The album is set to be released late 2009,and according to concreteloop,the singer said ,
"I’m really excited to start working on my next album. I’m going to go totally left field and surprise a lot of people… I’m going to hit it out the ball park with this one. I’m thinking a mix of Coldplay and Marvin Gaye.”Will keep u updated.Meanwhile,Estelle has been partying it up and her most recent stop was at a bday party for makeup-artist Tina Nguyen with Akon.
You may view the commercial here.She also did a photo shoot for Stella mag and here are the pics .


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ghanian wins Face of Africa and Africans fail to win "Miss world 2008"

Face of Africa,the continental search for Africa's Best Top Models,ended recently ,and the winner is Ghana's Kate Techie Menson.She beat fellow contestants who made it to the finals like Noxi from Zambia ,Hiwot from Ethiopia and others.
According to theafricanloft.com,
"Kate Tachie Menson goes home with $50,000 cash prize and a $50,000-modeling contract (Sh3.9 million) from Oluchi Ongweagba-Orlandi’s company, “O Model Africa”. Many would remember Oluchi as the shy 19 year old Nigerian ‘bread-hawker’ girl that won the first Mnet show in 1998. Oluchi later made some remarkable transition to become a supermodel on contracts with top notch designer including Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Dior, and Donna Karan."
The prize was presented by Nigerian model Oluchi.
Here is some footage of the event.
In related pagentary news,Miss World was held in Joburg SA and despite there being two africans in the top 5 (Tanzee Coate from SA ) and Brigith Dos Sanstos from Angola,none of the two ladies were able to convince the judges to make them Miss World '08.Maybe next year,huh?

Akon spotted+Pleads Guilty on Fan charges.

If anyone has been following Akon's "foolwang "(I love that word) activities,(throwing fans into crowds,dry humping 15 year olds,hitting fans in Guyana + other stuff we havent heard abt yet)you would knw that he was in court recently for throwing a fan off stage in Poughkeepsie Ny .After insisting that he wasn't guilty (despite the fact that the actual video of him doing that has been on youtube and every other blog site),the senegalese star finally changed his mind and plead Guilty.According to XXL magazine.com,
"USA Today is reporting that in exchange for the guilty plea, the Senegalese born hip-hop hookman will not have to serve any time behind bars if he does 65 hours of community service. Along with the sentence, Kon will also have to pay a $250 fine."
well at least he won't go to jail.He needs to go on tour to promote his latest album "Freedom",which debuted on the Billboards 200 and has sold 173,900 copies so far.
The pic above was taken at Tina Nguyen (makeup artists). bday party recently

Idris Elba next Bond?+Idris "Obsession Trailer"

Rumours have been swirling that african actor Idris Elba is in talks to be the next James Bond .According to theybf.com,he 's handsome and the fact that he has a british accent helps.Idris does have some competition though.And guess who it is ?American mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.WOW(and not in a good way).According to sources,Diddy shelled out lots of money for an audition tape that he sent to the producers of Bond.Idris vs Diddy?Hmm..my money is on Idris for obvious reasons.

Speaking of Idris,his new thriller flick that he shot with Beyonce ,now has a trailer.You may peep it right here.I think it's coming out in April of '09.It looks good actually.I couldn't find any video without B being the first one to pop onto the screen.

Idris Elba's obsessed Trailer.

Angel are U serious?Lola love get's in promo mode+New single/BdayPics

So someone told Ethiopian model Lola Love ,real name:Angel Melaku that she can sing,(I'm looking at U 50 cent!),and the vixen just released promo pics for her single ,"Boss Bitch".(Way 2 name a first single "Boss Bitch").I guess she's trying 2 appeal to the rappers that she "models" (cough cough) for.Anyhoo,here are the promo pics.They are way better than her song if u ask me .Except the hair is too Rihanna.And that tatoo that looks like a hickey is bugging me.I see the ethiopian scarf in one of the pics..nice..and whats up with her showing her spanx in her bday pics like she's the spokesperson for spanx?
Miss Melaku celebrated her bday abt a week ago and performed her single there.Peep the pics and single.What do u think?Should she quit her day job?
Peep her performance video by clicking here

Sweet Rush vs Teyena Taylor.

If you have been keeping up with my blog,you will remember that I mentioned somalian sisters Iman and her sister (whose name I currently can't remember)in my spolite post,where I feature african entertainers who I think will make it big very soon.
So anyway,these lovely ladies were mentioned in GIANT magazine's December issue,and the mag had nothing bad to say about the singers.I told you they were on the way to stardom first,so u knw you heard it here.
Okay,so main story.Guess who isn't rolling out the red carpet for "Sweet Rush " duo?Teyena Taylor ,american teenager who sang "Google Me" and who is Pharrel Williams muse.Apparently ,the girls are all on the same label Universal Motown,and Teyena has started to wear her hair straight cuz she is no longer known as "the chick" with the curly hair .Oh it only gets juicier.Apparently R and B singer Lyold is feeling one of the sisters and Teyena is jealous because her and Lyold had something on the DL.And the fact that the twins have been featured on Akon's new single Troublemaker (will hit u up when the video comes out) isn't helping issues.
Im gonna be here twidling my thumbs and waiting for a girl-fight.Too bad the girls don't wear weaves or else we would see those flying in all directions.Who do u think wud win the fight?My money is on Teyena.Who do u think?I have one word for Teyena:HI HATER.lol

PS:I didn't make this ish up.It's all courtesy of theybf.com

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Thank You" in a Couple of African Languages

African culuture teaches us that it is always good to say "thank you" when something pleasant has been done to us no matter how small it may be. It is a significant thing to say "thank you", it is valuable and yet it costs nothing, so go one and say it,,, in any African language you may know of for it all comes to one common thing anybody can understand.."Thank You"!

Dalu- Ibo (Nigeria)

Zikomo- ChiChewa (Malawi) and Chinyanja (Zambia)

Natotela- ChiBemba (Zambia)

Asante Sana- Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda)

Siyabonga Kakhulu- Zulu (South Africa)

Yewo Chomene/ Taonga Chomene- ChiTumbuka (Malawi)

Merci Beaucoup- French (DRC, Madagascar, Senegal, Burkina Faso, other French speaking countries of Africa)

Ndatenda- ChiShona (Zimbabwe)

Asante/ Sikomo Kwajinji- ChoYao (Malawi)

Yewo- ChiTonga (Malawi & Zambia)

Zaithwa - ChiNgoni (Malawi)

Mersi- Diola (Senegal)

Yin acaa muoc- Dinka (Sudan)

Ù rú èsé- Edo (Nigeria)

Dua Netjer en ek (to a man)- (Ancient Egypt)

Dua Netjer en etj (to a woman)

Imbuya Mono- Ekegusii ( Kenya)

Abuimgang- Eton (Cameroon)

Mudo - Ewe (Ghana/ Togo)

Haika- Kichagga (Tanzania)

Ni Oseo- Kikamba (Tanzania)

Webale- Lunyankole (Southern Uganda)

Webale- Lunyoro (Northern Uganda)

Kusakililaku- Lunda (Zambia)

Gunasakulila -luvale (Zambia)

Misaotra- Malagasy (Madagascar)

Aio- Nama (Namibia)

Ngeyabonga Kakulu - Ndebele (Zimbabwe)

Ngiyathokaza- Ndebele (Zimbabwe)

Ke a Leboga - Setwana (Botswana & South Africa)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Randomness:Africa is One word .

I just found this video on utube and It's by an unsigned artist called Vick 2 hot .It's basically him sharing his thoughts on being african.

MTV Africa Awards 2008 Pics and Videos.

Hello everyone,
If you've checked out the blog recently,you will remember when I said that the first ever MTV Africa awards would be taking place in lagos ,nigeria two weeks ago ,and I have exclusive pics of the awards and video.
I liked the opening of the show with the flags and all.Stars in attendance included D'Banj,Asa,Psquare(who performed),Naeto C,and american singers Florida ,Kelly Rowland and the Game (who performed).So ofcourse almost every award was won by a nigerian artist and the only other countries mentioned where Kenya and SA.
Do you think it was a good effort for the first MTV Africa Awards?Let me knw your thoughts!
Here's a list of who won what.
* D’banj (Nigeria): Artist of the year award and the Best Male Award.
* Naeto C (Nigeria): Best New Act.
* 9ice (Nigeria): Best Hip-hop Award.
* Wahu (Kenya): Best Female Artist.
* P-Square (Nigeria): Best Group.
* Jozi (South Africa) Best Live Performers.
* Ikechuku - Wind am well (Nigeria): Best Video.
* Late Fela Kuti (Nigeria): The Legend Gong Award.
* Seether (South Africa): Best Alternative Group.
According to some bloggers who attended,the event was awful..check out what they had to say

Video footage of the show.

Behind the scenes video of awards by DJ Kofi.

Big Brother Africa 3 has a winner!/Past BBA housemate get's hitched!

When BBA 3 started airing ,I was intending to post up daily videos on this blog abt what the housemates were up to and all the drama that would happen.Too bad the show was too dry it was almost painful to watch.After the first one and a half weeks ,I was like "nah" and i never watched any more.I got updates from my friends who did watch it.

So apparently,the show ended about 2 weeks ago and Angolan housemate Ricco won.He was up against Hazel from Malawi.I guess he was pretty entertaining ...I mean the most entertaining should win right?
For a video interview of him,click here

And in other Big Brother Africa news,Big Brother Africa's first winner ,Zambian Cherise "Tumba" Makubale recently got married to some british guy who proposed to her in Venice.Wow!

Naija twins Psquare celebrate their bday!

This post is for the ladies who are in love or in "lust" with these Nigerian twins Psquare.On Nov 18th,the "Roll It" singers celebrated their bday at K's Place in Lagos Nigeria .And because I am so sweet,I decided to share the pics with all of you guys.I could have kept the pics for myself,but I'm in a "better mood" today.The twins performed at the MTV Africa awards as well and took home an award.Pics are courtesey of underdarock.com
So,don't you wish you were there?
Note to all the ladies that are grateful for the pics:I will accept all gifts/presents.lol.Enjoy drooling ladies!(Click on the pics to make them larger).
One last thing .I'm boiling with jealousy at that chick who got to be thisclose to them.(Sigh). But then gain,I like the other one better.
Here's a video of them performing at the Channel O music awards.

The Randomness:2010 World Cup Mascot revealed and Iman before/After.

I decided to put up two "The Randomness " posts in one today .Okay,so the mascot for the 2010 soccer world cup in SA (see you there) has been out for a while(since late september),but i don't think many people who are not living in Africa heard about it.So here he is.His name is Zakumi.The "Za" is taken from the afrikaans way of saying "South Africa",and apparently "Kumi" means ten (2010,get it?) in a number of african languages.So what so you think?Is he a good mascot?And what exactly is he?a leopard?or a cheetah?I'm trying to figure that out. I don't know what I think ..mascots are kind of freaky to me .Hmm..

Oh and secondly,I recently found these pics comparing how Iman looked when she was just discovered ,and how she looks now.Very different!That's an understatement actually.What do you think?I guess money makes you look..different?Ne way,I just watched a special on her on BETJ .It was very interesting.So what do you think about the change?

Who should Fire their Stylist? feat Liya Kebede.

Okay everyone,for this segment of "Who should fire their stylist?",we have the lovely Ethiopian model Liya Kebede(click image to make it larger) .She was allowed to step out of her house in this outfit?So,what's wrong with it?It's all black,which is borring,and it looks like she borrowed from someone 3 sizes bigger than her.I have to say that it's better than what estelle seems 2 wear when she has her what-not-to-wear-moments.Or maybe I'm not feeling that mean today.Or maybe because she's a supermodel she can get away with it.So what do you think?Does her stylist need 2 get fired?By the way,this was at the cdfa fashion event.Don't ask me what those words stand for.

Spotted:!Liya /Charlize

Charlize Theron was at the United Nations in NY to receive her nomination as global ambassador .
Liya Kebede was at the annual Russel Simmons empowerment fund event ,as well as the cdfa fashion event.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spotlite : Sweet Rush.

Welcome to a new segment of mine where I will introduce you to African entertainers in the diaspora who I think are the next best thing in the entertainment industry.
Okay ,so I'll start with two somalian sisters called Iman and Siham.They lived in canada,till recently when they were discovered .They now live In Atlanta .
Here is a song of theirs called "Let It go" .I really like their voices and believe they will make it big very soon.To show them some love, check out their mypsace page.

Sweet Rush-LET IT GO.

Sweet Rush..Message to their fans.

MTV finally gives a S about Africa!

It's about damn time that MTV starts to see that African music exists!And no,I don't mean them playing more of Akon's music.On Nov 22nd,the first ever MTV Africa Awards will take place in Lagos Nigeria.Stars who will be in attendance include 9ice,Psqaure and others.American rapper "The Game" will host the main event,which will be preceeded by smaller concerts in different cities ,including Jo'burg S.A.The event will be shown on MTV channels so look out for that this weekend.Here is a video with more info.

Oh No They Didn't! Souija Boy said what about AFRICA?

Here is the first installment of my new series "Oh No They Didn't".It will feature celebs who should be ashamed of themselves for saying negative and un-true things about our continent.
For this one,we have Souija boy.He was recently interviewed by a reporter from BET and he was asked "which historical figure he hated most" and these are his words
"Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa.”

And that's not all ..he then proceeded to say ,
We wouldn’t be here,...to get this ice and tattoos.”

Wow.Someone needs to be educated.Beyond that,I don't even know what to say.I'm tired of the ignorance.

To see more of this story ,click here.You can also see what people had to say about SB'S bull s here.

New Music Fix !Come on Over -Estelle feat Sean P.

I put up this song about a month ago before the official video came out so you could judge whether you liked the original or the remix.This is the video for the remix .Enjoy.


Spotted:!Lola/Iman/Akon/Seal/Alek/Baby Z/Idris/Estelle/Liya/Djimon

Seal was spotted at the Victoria Secret fashion show in Miami,Estelle was at various events including the MTV EMA's in Liverpool where she performed ,at the World Music Awards ,and at the 3rd annual black girl's rock event in NYC.Iman was at the Keep a child Alive annual ball in nyc and at the black girl's rock event,as well as a bet event.
Akon was at the WMA's and at Tao anniversary.Idris was spotted on haloween in his costume inspired by pirates of the carribean.Alek wek was spotted at the Ivy restaurant in La.
Djimon and Kimora attended L.A fil fest and Liya Kebede was at an AMFAR event.Lola Oggunaike (cnn news reporter ) was at some event and baby Z was looking cute in her haloween costume.