Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who should Fire their Stylist? feat Liya Kebede.

Okay everyone,for this segment of "Who should fire their stylist?",we have the lovely Ethiopian model Liya Kebede(click image to make it larger) .She was allowed to step out of her house in this outfit?So,what's wrong with it?It's all black,which is borring,and it looks like she borrowed from someone 3 sizes bigger than her.I have to say that it's better than what estelle seems 2 wear when she has her what-not-to-wear-moments.Or maybe I'm not feeling that mean today.Or maybe because she's a supermodel she can get away with it.So what do you think?Does her stylist need 2 get fired?By the way,this was at the cdfa fashion event.Don't ask me what those words stand for.

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