Sunday, November 30, 2008

Naija twins Psquare celebrate their bday!

This post is for the ladies who are in love or in "lust" with these Nigerian twins Psquare.On Nov 18th,the "Roll It" singers celebrated their bday at K's Place in Lagos Nigeria .And because I am so sweet,I decided to share the pics with all of you guys.I could have kept the pics for myself,but I'm in a "better mood" today.The twins performed at the MTV Africa awards as well and took home an award.Pics are courtesey of
So,don't you wish you were there?
Note to all the ladies that are grateful for the pics:I will accept all gifts/ drooling ladies!(Click on the pics to make them larger).
One last thing .I'm boiling with jealousy at that chick who got to be thisclose to them.(Sigh). But then gain,I like the other one better.
Here's a video of them performing at the Channel O music awards.

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