Saturday, March 22, 2008

Angel "Lola Luv" Melaku in Vibe.

21 year old model/actress Angel "Lola Luv" Melaku appeared in the April issue of Vibe magazine.She arrived five hours later because she was arrested for driving too fast.The half Ethiopian and Trinidadian model shot to fame after an appearance in Kanye West's " Good Life" video (2007)and has stayed the topic of gossip since then on issues mostly surrounding her "apple bottom behind".Some people claim that it was surgically enhanced.What do you think?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Speaking of The Naija Boys!

It's a weird coincidence that I was talking about the Naija Boys a few days ago and I was on the facebook group called "The Africa They Never Show You" and I just found out that the boys who made the "Souija Boy African Remix" and shot to fame on the popular Youtube are going to be in concert.The concert will be held in Brooklyn on April 12th ,2008 at Club Genesis at 10 pm.The price is $20 but will be higher after 12 so all those people who were dancing along to "Kiss Kiss Kiss" African remix,go out and have fun .The address is 30 Macon st btwn Norstrand and Arlington.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fatima Falls to the bottom two.

This week on America's Next Top Model,Fatima had another rough week .She was criticized by Miss Jay when she forgot to put on her fireman shoes in the challenge that gave them 30 seconds to dress up .And then there is the issue of her "runway walk" which makes her look like a horse or donkey.Let's hope she gets it together by the time the next episode rolls around.

Then there was her photo shoot in which the models had to pose with meat.It seems like she has a signature pose which is the whole "Lips barred back thing" .Not a good look.The African model ended up in the bottom two,at which point she burst out in tears (as all the bottom 2 models seem 2 do),but Tyra saved her.

I have no doubt that Fatima will get a modelling contract if she does not win and I'm sure we will see her face in magazines ranging from Seventeen to Vibe.But the girl needs to get it together cuz Tyra might not save her again.

Stars of Degrassi in Kenya.

I've always been meaning to watch the tv series Degrassi ,but with all the 101 other shows that I have 2 watch in a week,I never end up being a "Degrassi" Fan.However,since this blog is about all things African,and I'm sure someone watches the show,I decided to put something up about the stars recent trip to Kenya where they built a school and spent time with some children in camps sponsored by "Free the Children".

Perry Madinga "Rips the Runway"!

I had never watched an episode of rip the Runway,the BET show that follows four models from casting calls to actually stepping on the runway and strutting their stuff.However,I was inspired to watch it when I heard that there would be an African Model on the show called Perry Mandinga.Here's a little profile of him.

Name: Perry Mandinga.

Country of Origin : Guniea.

Life before Rip the Runway:Perry began his modelling Career in Portugal ,where he moved to when he was fourteen.He appeared in a Nigerian soap campaign and was a struggling model trying to survive and make ends meet .Now,he lives in Carolina with his wife and twin daughters.

So keep you eyes open-He might be the next Djimon Hounsou-You never know!

"Proud to Be African " 2 Face Idibia Feat Wyclef

Hey people,this is how the "Proud to Be African" video sounds.I don't think there is an official video yet .Apparently it's a year old but I just discovered it and I think it's a good song.

Speaking of 2Fcae,the "African Queen " star is rumored to be the father of three women's babies.He's apparently denied it but we'll see what happens.

Jordin Sparks in Ghana with President Bush.

Jordin Sparks, known as the youngest American Idol visited Ghana recently with US President George Bush and his wife Laura. The singer was on a three day visit ,undertaking a cause she feels deeply about which is the eradication of Malaria.Under the "Malaria No More" organization which is not-for -profit and works to end the mortality caused by the disease,Sparks traveled to health clinics and Women's Nutrition Centers to highlight the importance of Mosquito nets in the prevention of malaria.

Sparks was inspired by the "Idols Gives Back" Show that ran last year and raised 17 million dollars to fight Malaria .She stated that during last year's show,she remembers "wanting so badly to help.I love children so much.If I hadn't been a singer,I wanted to be a pediatrician. So it feels good to have this opportunity to help"

Go Jordin!And FYI,The next "Idol Gives Back" will be aired live on April 9th .For more info on how to help in the fight against malaria,google "Malaria No More"

Kiss Kiss African remix and More.

I'm sure that everyone remembers the "Naija Boys" who brought us the "Naija Boy" remix,which was the african version of Souija Boy's "Crank That".So now the boys are back with their remake of Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss" video that featured T-Pain.This remix has some amusing lyrics and one of the guys does the whole T-Pain "mechanical voice " thing.Enjoy!It had me laughing out loud!
Kiss Kiss African Remix.

I'm so hood African remix.

12 Days of Christmas.
This one is the christmas carol reinvented...Me and my sister were laughing like crazy!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Channel O 's Dance Africa Returns!

For those of you who used to watch channel O back home, u might remember the show "DANCE AFRICA".The channel O team,led by hottie Lungile ,would travel around the continent searching for Africa's finest dancer.In the first season,south Africa won the prize,which was not surprising as the top 4 were from there.The fact that the judges were South African made it kind of obvious too.I remember feeling mad that the Zambian contestant called Lawrence (not westchester Lawrence!)did not win at least third place.I mean yes I'm Zambian so I would obviously support him but to be 100 % honest,If American chereograghers saw him like Wade Robson or Shane Sparks,they would agree.

So this time round,season 2 is in the audition phase and guess what?Zambia is not participating.I wonder why..Maybe it's the fact that almost everytime we Zambians are invited to shows in SA like Big Brother or Project Fame ,we win.Well except Big Brother Africa 2 .And I think that they should have at least gone to Zambia,seeing as one of the channel O presenters on O-Boma ,Chuma is Zambian.Shame on Channel 0

Friday, March 7, 2008

Africa's Next Top Model? (Fatima is on the right and Iman is on the left)

For those of you die-hard America's Next Top Model fans,you might have noticed something different this season.And no,it's not Miss Jay's ridiculous glittery brows and his jacket with the contestants names that he wears every episode.And no,not Twiggy's replacement.It's the contestant named Fatima from Somalia.Fatima has been the scene of drama from the first episode when she called one contestant "Ghetto" and when they were about to kick her ass,she broke down and said that she had experienced "Female Genital Mutilation",which is a horrible practice that involves female circumsision .Then everybody started to hug her.

Okay,so yes I'm proud that she's African and all but I think that she might want to keep her mouth shut too.I mean,it's horrible that she had to go through FGM but can't she shut up and grow up and stop dissing other people?

This is only an opinion but I think she made it as a finalist because of her story.I mean ,what does this portray about Africans?Do we all have to have had something bad happen to us to get somewhere in life?Either her story touched the judges,or her resemblance to Iman.Isn't Top Model about finding a different look?And whats with Fatima's bleached hair?Thanks to the makeover she looks presentable.Why does she think she's better than other's when Mr Jay had to tell her what to do at the recent photo shoot on the boat?I just want to say that not all African's are like her and as one contestant said,"You are the meanest African I've ever met".At least the other African girl in one of the other cycles called Naima was better.And Iman is a legend that can't be compared to anyone so enough.

African Beauty(Pics of my friends repping Africa)!

These are pics of my gorgeous friends showing off their Afro pride.Don't they all deserve to be models?I know.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I shall return!

Hey people, U've probably noticed that I haven't put up new stuff in a while.I've been really busy with school .So many midterms and stuff.And I have been planning my 19th birthday dinner which I'm hoping will be great.But not to worry-I will be back asap with fresh new stuff for our "Inspired by Africa" section,and Im working on getting some videos up too of "Dances from Africa" performed by me and my freinds,interviews that I will conduct with a famous African fashion designer called Skye Chirape and a film maker called Fafi as well as updates on the African club we started.So sit tight people and don't forget to flaunt your African Pride and Spirit okay?

PS:I'll put pics up of my bday dinner at the Egyptian restaurant just for you.Ciao!

New African billionaires arrive

Africa has two new billionaires on the block, both of whom are black, however; Africa's richest men, according to the Forbes rich list, remain two white South Africans who inherited their wealth. They have now been joined by a Nigerian industrialist who seems to be in every industry going and a black South African mine magnate. But with only four entries on the list Africa remains the continent with the fewest mega-rich citizens. New entrant, Aliko Dangote is Nigerian and has built a $3.3bn fortune from a loan from his uncle. In a little over 25 years, Mr Dangote has built an empire that includes the number one sugar production company in the country, a cement factory and a virtual monopoly on the production of pasta in Nigeria. His company bought two refineries in the last days of the regime of Olusegun Obasanjo, but the sale was cancelled by the new president Umaru Yar'Adua, after allegations that due process was not followed.

The second newcomer is South African Patrice Motsepe.
The lawyer who bought several unprofitable gold mines and turned them round and now has a fortune of $2.4bn. Born in the township of Soweto, he moved from being the first black partner at Bowman Gilfillan law firm in Johannesburg to running a mining contract firm after Apartheid collapsed. His African Rainbow Minerals now has annual sales of $875 million. Forbes says Mr Motsepe took full advantage of the Black Economic Empowerment laws that require mining firms to be over a quarter black-owned. Two white South Africans remain on the list: Nicky Oppenheimer and family own De Beers and are worth $5.7bn. Johann Rupert and his family head Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. This includes the Cartier label and their fortune has dipped to $3.8bn.
source: BBC News.
I personally feel that the number of African billionaires will steadily increase over the next 50yrs if the current trends of the African economic boom continue. In order to maintain these trends the Southern African States will need to sort out their energy shortfalls. South Africa is considering to split the country into two time zones in order to effectively ration electricity as a short term solution. The South Africa's main electricity supplier ESKOM is also planning on building a second nuclear reactor as a way to increase its electricity production by a few thousand kilowatts. The Zambia Electricity Supply Corperation(Z.E.S.C.O) is in the process of building two additional Hydro-Electric power stations. The West Africans seriously need to deal with fraud and corruption that has severely tarnished the reputation of the region, there is definitely need for damage control as a means to encourage additional F.D.I in the region. The East Africans will need to deal with there tribal issues that is hindering what was until not too long ago was experiencing fast paced economic growth. The recent turbulence in Kenya slowed down the entire region that is heavily dependent on Kenya as it is the financial center of the east coast. North Africans need to more openly acknowledge that there geographic location makes them Africans and hence they must seek further economic integration with their sub-Saharan brothers even if it is at the expense of the Arab League.