Thursday, March 6, 2008

I shall return!

Hey people, U've probably noticed that I haven't put up new stuff in a while.I've been really busy with school .So many midterms and stuff.And I have been planning my 19th birthday dinner which I'm hoping will be great.But not to worry-I will be back asap with fresh new stuff for our "Inspired by Africa" section,and Im working on getting some videos up too of "Dances from Africa" performed by me and my freinds,interviews that I will conduct with a famous African fashion designer called Skye Chirape and a film maker called Fafi as well as updates on the African club we started.So sit tight people and don't forget to flaunt your African Pride and Spirit okay?

PS:I'll put pics up of my bday dinner at the Egyptian restaurant just for you.Ciao!

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