Friday, March 7, 2008

Africa's Next Top Model? (Fatima is on the right and Iman is on the left)

For those of you die-hard America's Next Top Model fans,you might have noticed something different this season.And no,it's not Miss Jay's ridiculous glittery brows and his jacket with the contestants names that he wears every episode.And no,not Twiggy's replacement.It's the contestant named Fatima from Somalia.Fatima has been the scene of drama from the first episode when she called one contestant "Ghetto" and when they were about to kick her ass,she broke down and said that she had experienced "Female Genital Mutilation",which is a horrible practice that involves female circumsision .Then everybody started to hug her.

Okay,so yes I'm proud that she's African and all but I think that she might want to keep her mouth shut too.I mean,it's horrible that she had to go through FGM but can't she shut up and grow up and stop dissing other people?

This is only an opinion but I think she made it as a finalist because of her story.I mean ,what does this portray about Africans?Do we all have to have had something bad happen to us to get somewhere in life?Either her story touched the judges,or her resemblance to Iman.Isn't Top Model about finding a different look?And whats with Fatima's bleached hair?Thanks to the makeover she looks presentable.Why does she think she's better than other's when Mr Jay had to tell her what to do at the recent photo shoot on the boat?I just want to say that not all African's are like her and as one contestant said,"You are the meanest African I've ever met".At least the other African girl in one of the other cycles called Naima was better.And Iman is a legend that can't be compared to anyone so enough.

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