Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jordin Sparks in Ghana with President Bush.

Jordin Sparks, known as the youngest American Idol visited Ghana recently with US President George Bush and his wife Laura. The singer was on a three day visit ,undertaking a cause she feels deeply about which is the eradication of Malaria.Under the "Malaria No More" organization which is not-for -profit and works to end the mortality caused by the disease,Sparks traveled to health clinics and Women's Nutrition Centers to highlight the importance of Mosquito nets in the prevention of malaria.

Sparks was inspired by the "Idols Gives Back" Show that ran last year and raised 17 million dollars to fight Malaria .She stated that during last year's show,she remembers "wanting so badly to help.I love children so much.If I hadn't been a singer,I wanted to be a pediatrician. So it feels good to have this opportunity to help"

Go Jordin!And FYI,The next "Idol Gives Back" will be aired live on April 9th .For more info on how to help in the fight against malaria,google "Malaria No More"

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