Saturday, March 8, 2008

Channel O 's Dance Africa Returns!

For those of you who used to watch channel O back home, u might remember the show "DANCE AFRICA".The channel O team,led by hottie Lungile ,would travel around the continent searching for Africa's finest dancer.In the first season,south Africa won the prize,which was not surprising as the top 4 were from there.The fact that the judges were South African made it kind of obvious too.I remember feeling mad that the Zambian contestant called Lawrence (not westchester Lawrence!)did not win at least third place.I mean yes I'm Zambian so I would obviously support him but to be 100 % honest,If American chereograghers saw him like Wade Robson or Shane Sparks,they would agree.

So this time round,season 2 is in the audition phase and guess what?Zambia is not participating.I wonder why..Maybe it's the fact that almost everytime we Zambians are invited to shows in SA like Big Brother or Project Fame ,we win.Well except Big Brother Africa 2 .And I think that they should have at least gone to Zambia,seeing as one of the channel O presenters on O-Boma ,Chuma is Zambian.Shame on Channel 0

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