Saturday, September 27, 2008

Africa's Next Top Model :Who will be the new face of Africa?

Face of Africa is back for another season and the question is ,which one of the ladies will walk away with the title of the Face of Africa?Last year's winner was Venentia from Namibia and many other of the beauty queens who have appeared on the show have graced the covers of magazines and walked runways such as Oluchi and zambia's own Mulenga Mubanga.The show hasn't officially started but auditions are taking place in about 12 countries including South Africa,Zambia ,Mozambique and others.The winner gets modelling contract and a whole bunch of other goodies.I'll have videos and pic when it starts.But here are videos of last year's ad and another ad showing 2006 Face of Africa's winner Kaone who is from Botswana .

Akon "Smacks That"!

Early this month ,Akon was in Guyana and he ended up punching some chick in the face!Peep that hilarious video here .Lucky the chick didn't press any charges cuz Akon seems to have enough legal drama ish.

Akon punches fan !

Would you Rock a wooden bag?: The Afrilicious girl's guide to What-to-wear this fall.

So if you are like me who loves to shop ,then this blog post is just for you!I've been on-the look-out for african-inspired things and I just found these cool items.Including a hot new wooden bag by Port 1961.So maybe I'll own these items when I have a job and lots of money.Lol..

The bathing suit is by Bantu ,a new clothing line that Vanity Fair did a post on in their october issue .It's actually african owned too.To read that article,click here

The tshirt is for Survivor Gabon that just premiered last week.Its by Edun Live.You can search it on google.

The sneakers are from'm loving those shoes!

The tshirt is from Zulu Rose and can be purcahsed at pieces boutique in Brooklyn.So go get your shop on ladies1

Alek Wek and Liya do NY fashion week/New african inspired clothing line debuts at fashion week

Alek and Liya walked the runway at NY fashion week that ended recently.And Ports 1961' debuted its african inspired collection at NY fashion week.As Access Hollywood reported ,"In designing the collection, Cibani took a spiritual journey to Africa through books and photographs. For the upcoming ad campaign, she said, she’ll visit the Serengeti National Park."
To see the entire fall collection ,click here

Idris Elba'ex to star in an adult movie?

Idris Elba's ex-wife has been all over the place recently.Apparently she's going to be writing a tell-all book about her life with her ex and may be starring in an adult movie.She's all buddy-buddy with one housewife of Atl.I doubt that the actor (the son of a sierraleonan dad and ghanian mum ) will be happy.


These are not-so-new pics that I've been meaning to put up but haven't had the time to.Peep pics of Akon at Lupe at the VMA's that were about 4 weeks ago ,Djimon at his gf's Baby Phat fashion show and at Marc Anthony's 40th bday party ,Estelle at a vodafone event (she has a cameo in Neyo's Miss Independent remix which is called "she's got her own").She also took to the runway at Naomi campelle's recent fundraiser.Jamelia also walked the runway with her cute daughters.Awww

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Music Fix !Estelle feat Sean Paul+ Pics of Estelle at various events.

Check out Miss Estelle's remix of "Come on Over" ,that features Sean Paul.The original feat John Legend.I'm putting both up so you can judge which one you like best.The original vs the remix.I like the reggae undertones that the remix has .
Comment on your favorite.
And here are pics of Estelle at Calvin Klein's party (in the white suit) and looking really nice in the grey dress at some other event.
ESTELLE feat Sean Paul-COME ON OVER (Rmx)


Happy Belated New Year to Ethiopians !

I should have put this up yday ,but anyway,I want 2 say happy bday 2 all ethiopians and everyone who lived in Ethiopia ,or loves Ethiopia as much as I do.I should have gone to celebrate by eating Injera ,but I didn't .Anyway,I have fond memories and will definitely go back to visit .

"I want to be an Icon -Angel "Lola Luv " Melaku + She keeps us guessing about her body.

Lola Love was interviewed for Vibe's 15th anniversary as a video vixen and had lots to say on her career,the issue of whether her assets (insert alternative word) are real or not .Here are a couple of quotes directly taken from vibe's september 2008 issue.

On her career:"I didn't plan to model when I was younger.It was never my plan.It was something I came across and had to run with".

On being in Kanye and 50 cents videos:"For me to be in both Kanye and 50 cent's videos was major.I'm not gonna say how much ,but I got paid the most ever for Kanye's "Good Life"(Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam ,2007).

On the difference between groupies and vixens: "There are groupies and there are video vixens.The treatment and role that I would play would be the main reason I would take a video."

On the rumours that her body is fake :"I'm not sure if I'm gonna address the talk about whether my body is fake or not anytime soon.There are lots of models out there who might not have fat assess or big titties but are still successful"(Huh?Does that mean that they're real?Yeah right)

On her being seen as a role model (Huh?):I eventually want to be looked at as an icon .I also want to be the spokesperson for an AIDS foundation.D.C and Baltimore have the highest HIV rates ,so I want to raise money for minorities.(What about helping an African charity maybe?)There are a lot of young people that look up to me,so I'm trying to show 'em it's more than just modelling".(Yeah,whatever you say )

According to ,Angel will be in a 50 cent movie called "Before I self destruct " that will star 50 and will premiere at the end of '08.I'm gonna do a quick search to see if that "Crazy Like A Fox "movie came out yet.

UPDATE:I forgot to mention that the same site above claims that Melaku wants to pursue a rap career. Really?(Eyebrow raise)

Youssoou N'Dour 's Album makes Vibe's list.

For it's 15th anniversary,Vibe put up the 51 albums that changed the game.His Immigres album that was released under Earth-Works in 1988 made the cut.
According to vibe ,He was "Already an Afro-pop star by the time he released his second album,N'Dour made in Africa the center of the world music universe.Not only did the Senegalese singer/producer craft the mbalax sound -a cook up of gleeful guitar riffs,Senegalese rythms,synthesized soul ,and contemporary Cuban music -he single-handedly imported it to the United States."

What was Akon's first U.S cover?

So for Vibe Magazine's 15th anniversary ,the mag decided to profile it's best Vibe cover to-date and guess whose cover was on the list? Mr Aliaune "Akon" Thiam 's April 2007 cover.In Akon's words,
"A lot of people don't know this was my first cover in the United States.This photo shoot was in Paris because I was on tour and I actually didn't know it was for Vibe at the time.I got shot in a suit and tie,a tank top,a bunch of other outfits,which is why I thought it was just another photo shoot."The singer goes on to brag that "Girls were like ,I didn't know you had it like that!"For more of his comments,check out Vibe's September 2008 issue .(You better hurry,cuz it's about to get cleared for the new issue that hits stands on September 16th.
Akon's album has been pushed back to October.Aren't you all tired of all the pushbacks and delays?I'm just waiting for him to drop it!For an excerps on Akon's cover story for the April 2007 vibe issue,click here and for another interview that he did with Vibe that was never published ,click here

Africa Day Parade 2008!

On the morning of August 24th 2008,I was so excited that I was going to be attending the Africa Day parade.Let's just say that it was a huge dissapointment.The so called "parade" wasn't as diverse as i expected.It seemed that almost everyone was west african.Most of the performers did not do anything that I would call "African".It was Africans doing hip-hop and other carribean performers.I thought it was supposed 2 be African?There was no African food on sale as I would have expected,so we had to eat ice cream.The presenter didn't even know any African countries other than Sierra-Leone,Ghana,Nigeria,and a few other W.A countries.And there was no fashion show as was shown on the flier I had received earlier.So I hope the organizers of the event get their act together and put on a better show.Here are my personal pics of the Event ,and for more pics from the parade,click here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spotted:!Djimon/Idris /Estelle/Sophie /Adewale

Peep pics of Djimon and his gf Kimora at LAX enroute to NY fashion week about a week ago,the couple at the tennis open a few days later.Estelle was at the pre-Vma party(too bad she wasn't nominated for nething )and Sophie Okenedo (half nigerian ,half jewish) at the premiere of the "Secret Life of bees".And catch edris at the COMECON festival a while back.

Did anyone notice that Estelle is wearing braces?About damn time if you ask me!and I know I always say not-so-nice things about Miss Estelle's choice in clothing but come on,are you serious?Why does she look like she's wearing a night dress?The whole im-wearing-a-headwrap-cuz-i-just -got-out-of-bed-and-am having-a-bad-hair-day-cuz-my-stylist-isn't-here-yet thing is old.And the vulture purple-to-match-the-nightdress nails are off too!Someone needs to get their act together!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Akon Going 2 get "Konvicted" and "Locked Up"?

Does anyone remember the videos that were hitting the net of Akon throwing that Kid into a crowd of people at a concert last summer?Well,on September 3rd,Akon was set to appear in court and face charges of second degree harassment and endangering the life of a minor.He actually pleaded not gulity .So I'm left here like wondering what the f the kid was thinking by throwing something at Akon ,and then i'm thinking how will Akon get away with this when it was caught on tape?Just like how that video of him banging the 15 year old chick on stage caused major drama,this tape did too.I guess He has a thing for young ones.And which incident do you think was worse?The frisbee-style-throw or the dutty-wine style banging session?All i know is,that Trinidad chick enjoyed it more than the other kid. Should Akon have ignored him and continued on with the show?Or did that kid deserve the 15 min of "Shame?".I hear that Akon isn't a stranger to doing stuff like that on stage so I'm sure he will be up to it soon enough.As in as soon as his next album comes out(It has been pushed back to Early October).If Akon is found guilty,he may face a maximum of one year and fifteen days in jail.
Here is the video of Akon tossing the kid off stage.

Side note to Akon:If he still wants to do that stuff,maybe no camera's or phones should be allowed at his concerts.I'm just saying you know.Cuz you can't say it wasn't you when someone has a video(although come to think of it,he said that his bros look almost identical to him,huh?).Okay I'm done with the randomness.
I was going to put up the video of the kid who Akon chucked,but I noticed that so many kids were claiming that they were the kid,so now I don't know who is right.So I just put the one of him being thrown.And it's not meant to embarass the kid or ne thing,just to show people who didn't see it.

Mwisho from Big Brother 3 is alive!Yay!..Here he is in a music video!

For all those who watched Big Brother Africa's first season back in 2003,you will definitely remember Mwisho,the Tanzanian housemate who provided the housemates and us the viewers with hours of entertainment.His shenanigans included sleeping in the jacuzzi while drunk,Spoiling his microphone ,acting clueless in the Diary room ,smoking and palying pranks.The list goes on.
So ne way,after BBA 1,I read a mag that chronicled where the housemates where after the show,what they were doing etc ,but Mwisho was nowhere to be found.That is,until now.I just found a music video by tanzanian artist Ray-C that features him as her love Interest.They even sneak in a peck..which has me wondering..oh well,see for yourselves.