Friday, September 12, 2008

Africa Day Parade 2008!

On the morning of August 24th 2008,I was so excited that I was going to be attending the Africa Day parade.Let's just say that it was a huge dissapointment.The so called "parade" wasn't as diverse as i expected.It seemed that almost everyone was west african.Most of the performers did not do anything that I would call "African".It was Africans doing hip-hop and other carribean performers.I thought it was supposed 2 be African?There was no African food on sale as I would have expected,so we had to eat ice cream.The presenter didn't even know any African countries other than Sierra-Leone,Ghana,Nigeria,and a few other W.A countries.And there was no fashion show as was shown on the flier I had received earlier.So I hope the organizers of the event get their act together and put on a better show.Here are my personal pics of the Event ,and for more pics from the parade,click here.

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