Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spotted:!Djimon/Idris /Estelle/Sophie /Adewale

Peep pics of Djimon and his gf Kimora at LAX enroute to NY fashion week about a week ago,the couple at the tennis open a few days later.Estelle was at the pre-Vma party(too bad she wasn't nominated for nething )and Sophie Okenedo (half nigerian ,half jewish) at the premiere of the "Secret Life of bees".And catch edris at the COMECON festival a while back.

Did anyone notice that Estelle is wearing braces?About damn time if you ask me!and I know I always say not-so-nice things about Miss Estelle's choice in clothing but come on,are you serious?Why does she look like she's wearing a night dress?The whole im-wearing-a-headwrap-cuz-i-just -got-out-of-bed-and-am having-a-bad-hair-day-cuz-my-stylist-isn't-here-yet thing is old.And the vulture purple-to-match-the-nightdress nails are off too!Someone needs to get their act together!

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