Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mwisho from Big Brother 3 is alive!Yay!..Here he is in a music video!

For all those who watched Big Brother Africa's first season back in 2003,you will definitely remember Mwisho,the Tanzanian housemate who provided the housemates and us the viewers with hours of entertainment.His shenanigans included sleeping in the jacuzzi while drunk,Spoiling his microphone ,acting clueless in the Diary room ,smoking and palying pranks.The list goes on.
So ne way,after BBA 1,I read a mag that chronicled where the housemates where after the show,what they were doing etc ,but Mwisho was nowhere to be found.That is,until now.I just found a music video by tanzanian artist Ray-C that features him as her love Interest.They even sneak in a peck..which has me wondering..oh well,see for yourselves.


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