Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stroke my Ego

EGO(Definition):an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others

So I decided to get back to blogging on this space...a because I missed blogging /writing in general and B because when I decided to quit,people asked me to reconsider and were telling me how much they liked the blog and how it kept them informed on african celebrity gossip...which was always my intention..

Im not sure if this return is permanent as I do have various projects Im tryna get off the ground asap ..if ur curious about that ,read all about it on

Heres the deal im offering should i decide to stay...i knw y'all support me on fb and all,but if u could comment on the blog and post your thoughts after u read an article u like...or dont like (i also appreciate constructive criticism) then that wud make me human and i like being praised for my actions sometimes come on and lather some love on my posts...STROKE MY EGO BABY....



African Artists pissed about World Cup concert/Jub Jub undergoing counselling


Let me start this article by saying that I WILL BE at the 2010 Soccer world cup this summer..somehow im getting way,there is a scheduled pre-world cup concert on June 9th in Soweto that will feature Alicia Keys ,Black Eyed Peas and more..
however,african artists are upset that the show will feature 50% international artists as they feel that "african artists wont be able to represent their countries "..30% of the singers will be from south africa and 20% from the rest of Africa...

In other news,Jub Jub ,the south african artist who was involved in an accident on 10th March that killed 4 students is out of jail.He was bailed out on a 10,000 rand fee and is now receiving counselling while he waits to be tried...he and his friend were drag racing and were apparently driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.they may be charged with murder ,reckless driving and driving under the influence.Apparently even inmates in jail threatened to kill him as did students that vandalized his home after the incident...

Akon refused visa in Sri Lanka ? Lupe writing a book?+new music

Senegalese singer Akon was denied a visa to Sri Lanka where he was supposed to perform.According to BBC News ,"The ban comes after protests over one of the star's music videos featuring scantily-clad women dancing in front of a statue of Buddha".

Akon did apologize saying he has no idea he had offended some religious groups and his people had "postponed" the show then later cancelled it.Now it looks like Maldives will be welcoming him with open arms as President Mohamed Nasheed's press secretary Mohamed Zuhair claims the hitmaker has accepted the offer to play in the Maldives.

Zuhair says, "We are very happy he is planning to come and perform." The concert is scheduled to take place a day earlier than planned, on April 23.

In other news, fresh off a week long trip to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro,Lupe Fiasco is writing a book.About a window-washer...yeah im as clueless as you ..he stated "I’ve been telling stories and Hip-Hop has been an extension of me telling stories so it’s kind of like me putting it in a more traditional form as far as a book.No date is set as of now..his new album lasers is being promoted now with the singles Lean and "Resurrection " which he did with his buddy Kenna (ethiopian singer ) .The song is a tribute to Haiti..


Kelis new boo is Nigerian?+Charlize and her boo been DONE since Jan?

Now that Kelis decided to focus on her music again instead of on child support issues with ex-husband Nas,seems like she also decided to find herself a new african man...well Nigerian to be exact.And you know him:Chicago Bear Wale Ogunyele.According to ,he was at her dinner party that she hosted in Miami a week ago and honeymag takes it a step further saying ,

"The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand. Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Ogunleye was in attendance as Kelis performed cuts from her upcoming album at the Belvedere Music Lounge. Later that night sources spotted them canoodling in VIP at Club LIV."

Wale is Sanaa Lathan's ex bf btw..but doesnt end there..apparently the couple likes to get extra freaky in the bedroom.Someone posted this comment on theybfcom saying "A few weeks ago on Friday November 12th, Kelis was here in Chicago with NFL baller Adewale Ogunleye, she solicited a co-worker of mine from Scores stripclub to participate in a threesome with her and Wale."

OKAY ...on a side-note,did you know South African actress and her boo Stuart Townsend that she had been dating for like ever ..well 9 years (which is forever in hollywood) are no longer together?since january?well i didnt knw that till recently..apparently they started to feel more like "friends"...

Wale is a Rude boy..and the love Dr.

Loved Wale's set that he did as part of his tour with Wale in NYC..still mad that I didnt hear about it till tickets were sold out..esp since ive been dying 2 interview and meet them both...but i did get to watch it on and im way,Wale is hilarious..and you can just tell from his posts on's their love doctor.basically he writes about love which isnt strange seeing as he said he is an emotional dude during the performance and loves to talk about his here a few exerpts from his latest post ...

"There is nothing more attractive then a woman with a career… not job, but a career. I’m pretty sure a woman would rather date a man with a 9-to-5 then a guy with no job (other then occupying an older family member’s couch) who shows more interest in his Madden stats then your day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching for the stars in your career, but what if it hinders your opportunity for love? "

"These days it feels like everyone’s going for the money. That’s probably why our generation considers fucking > making love. My question to the ones who put their job over love: What happens once you have all the worldly possessions you desire and never find someone you love whole-heartedly? Or who loves you for more then what you own? Just my thoughts, people, just my thoughts…"

Peep the remix he did over Rih Rih's "rude boy" and him and K'naan's collabo called TV in the radio..



Estelle is a freak+has jewellery line/The Kodjoes channel their alter egos

American Boy singer Estelle had previously announced that she was collaborating with Rachel Roy to design a jewellery line and the line was officially launched 2 days ago at Macy's in Herald Square,NYC.The singer who just released a single called "Freak" performed some of her hit songs.Peep the video below..are u guys feeling it?feels very Missy Elliot to me.i mean I would get down to it in the club but i just dont like the video..shes really doing something different from her 1st album with the pop and techno infused sounds.. .she even starts to look like her if u watch the video long enough..

In coupley news,The Kodjoes did a photoshoot with famed hollywood photographer Derek B who is known for doing alter -ego shoots.He 's shot everyone from Lance and Eva to the real housewives of Atlanta and others...the theme for this one was Bonny and Clyde..i just cant stop drooling over Boris..that is one gorgeous african man...*fans


Iman is still AGELESS+Magazine fab :Alek/Liya/Fatima/Nonhle

Iman was spotted in this cute white and yellow dress that I would love in my closet .She was in Joburg ,South Africa to handle some Face of Africa business as her makeup line sponsored the show.This woman still looks fab!

In other news,Alek Wek was on the cover of the South African version of Elle magazine .She talks about her journey from being a refugee to being a Top model.Nice..

Miss Liya Kebede is in Vogue 's April edition in a shoot titled "Float on".. Styled by Edward Enniful, Kebede graces romantic dresses by Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Narciso Rodriguez. Shot by the acclaimed photographer team, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.

Fatima Siad who was featured on ANTM is making paper.She 's part of the new DKNY shot and Rue la la.She also walked for fashion week.Pics are taken from her facebook page.

My mentor and friend ,the gorgeous South African Tv presenter/model/actress Miss Nonhle Thema sizzles in the new FHM south africa magazine.Also added just for the fellas is behind the scenes video..gotta love her...