Saturday, April 3, 2010

Estelle is a freak+has jewellery line/The Kodjoes channel their alter egos

American Boy singer Estelle had previously announced that she was collaborating with Rachel Roy to design a jewellery line and the line was officially launched 2 days ago at Macy's in Herald Square,NYC.The singer who just released a single called "Freak" performed some of her hit songs.Peep the video below..are u guys feeling it?feels very Missy Elliot to me.i mean I would get down to it in the club but i just dont like the video..shes really doing something different from her 1st album with the pop and techno infused sounds.. .she even starts to look like her if u watch the video long enough..

In coupley news,The Kodjoes did a photoshoot with famed hollywood photographer Derek B who is known for doing alter -ego shoots.He 's shot everyone from Lance and Eva to the real housewives of Atlanta and others...the theme for this one was Bonny and Clyde..i just cant stop drooling over Boris..that is one gorgeous african man...*fans


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