Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Music from Gal Level/Loyiso/D'Banj/9ice feat 2 Face/Dare

I have a huge dose of new music videos from namibian artists Gal Level,South African singer Loyiso,Project Fame's second runner up Dare,Nigerian coco master D'Banj(whose new album will be coming out soon) and 9ice.Hit me up and comment on which videos you liked ,disliked and why.I'm not really feeling Gal level's song,but that's not surprsing since i haven't been a fan of theirs since day one. I did like "La la la" though.I like Loyiso and I think he has a good voice that's commercial,but i think it's about time he got rid of that ring on his chin.As for Dare,I am not getting that new sound.


I WANT YOU-Loyiso.

The D'Banj song is about 5 months old and he has a new track out that has no video yet,so enjoy this one for now.


CARRY DEY GO-Dare feat 2 Face.

Street Credability-9ice feat 2 Face.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Member of Malaika passes away.

Jabu Ndaba ,one of the members of the wildly successful SA band Malaika passed away a couple of days ago.This is according to the official website of Malaika .May his soul rest in peace.

On a more positive note,here is the latest video from Malaika called Never Change.Jabu does not appear in this video,even though it was produced a little while back.


New Music from South African singer KB/Freshly Ground

Here is the latest from South African singer KB.I don't really know that much about her music ,although I have probably seen some videos of her when I was younger.Any way,enjoy and let me know what you think of this one,cuz I'm on the fence.I guess people back home must be feeling it because it's the number 9 video on the channel O Viewers edition .


Fresh off the success of their last album,the Multi-cultural Freshly Ground crew is back with a new single,which I presume is from their new album.Show them some love on their myspace page

POTBELLY by Freshly Ground.

African Models sizzle in Italian Vogue+ Video of Upcoming Somalian Model Yasmine Warsame .

So even though black people have been around forever,it's only recently that Italian Vogue decided to dedicate it's whole mag to black fashion for the month of August.And ofcourse our African models represented ..The issue features Iman, Ubah Hassan(upcoming Somalian Model),Yasmine Warsame ,(Somalian model ), Liya Kebede (who is the 15th highest paid model in the World !Lovely) and miss Alek Wek as well.I love the ladies but I'm not really feeling the pics.Everytime I see black /african models on Fashion tv or doing high fashion,it's as if they are purposely made to wear the ugliest clothes or look really bad.The Vogue issue is no exception,although I'm glad that they were featured.Here are pics.

Video of Yasmin Warsame.

Monday, July 21, 2008

African Hip Hop Dancer doing us proud on "So You Think You Can Dance"

I 've watched almost every episode of the current season of "So You Think You Can Dance " and I never knew that we had our very own African hip-hopper representing.Well,until a couple of days ago.Her name is Comfort Ogheneruro Fedoke and she is Nigerian ,but was born in Texas .She's 20 years old,and has been dancing since she was 8.Catch her on Fox on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 10pm .Here is her dancing a solo to "Just Fine" by Mary J Blidge.

New Music Fix from the hottest Naija Twins!

Here are two new videos from the twins of Nigerian singers Psquared .The first one is called "No One Like you" and I think that the video is very original ..I love it! And the second one is called "Roll it".I definitely see it as being a summer jam back home because it's up tempo and fun.I also like that video and once again,they put some really talented dancers in it.I wonder who chereographs those routines because they are hot .Those twins can sing,are hot and can dance.And they know how to deliver: Bizzy Body remix was another summer hit .I'm gonna stop drooling over them and let the videos speak for themselves.



This Day Africa Festival 2008 + Pic of Oluchi and Ozwald at the Festival in Nigeria

The first round of "This Day Music Festival" was held in Abuja ,Nigeria and apparently, it started three hours late (African Time,lol!) and all the local acts were scrapped due to the delay.I find that quite dissapointing,especially because the whole aim of the event is to "project positive images of African music and fashion".So how was Africa being projected when only the american acts performed? Plus,I heard that tickets were not exactly cheap,costing about $ 300 if I remember correctly.I would have been asking for my money back!Anyway,the concerts will continue on August 1 in Washington DC with appearances by Alek Wek,Liya Kebede among other African celebs ,and a performance by Seal.The last concert will be held in London on October 13th.For more info on This Day Festival,check out this link

Naija Boyz Lollipop Remix (New!)

Since Lil Wayne released his first single "A milli", a bunch of people have come up with their own remixes, so it's no surprise that the Naija Boyz have done one too.Here is the new video for "Lollipop" remix which includes their spin on "A milli".You can join their group on facebook called or their webbie for info on performances and new videos.

Even though I love their past stuff ,I honestly don't really like this one.I feel like they could have taken "A milli" by itself and made it better,but that's just my opinion.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is Nelson Madela the President of Africa?WTF?

So my mum was telling me that she was talking to this 40 something year old woman in her class about the 46664 concert that was held last week in London and the lady asked my mum this question ,"Why is Mandela so popular?Is he the president of Africa ?Ok is that like one of the dumbest questions ever?Ne way,my mum patiently explained to the woman that Africa is not a country.It is a continent with 53 independent countries that each have their own leaders.then my mum went on to explain Mandela's role in ending Apartheid.So this lady doesn't even know what the hell apartheid is .It amazes me how ignorant people can be or choose to be.I think that Ignorance is no defence.People are just too into their own little worlds to discover what Africa is about.I'm glad that I've travelled enough to know something about other countries other than my own .Because ignorance just doesn't cut it these days .For real.


Here are pics of Akon at summer fest 2008 in Florida .The event was over the weekend I think..and here is new music from Akon and the king of Pop Micheal J.It's called Hold My Hand.If this is an indication of what his forthcoming album Acquitted will be like,then I'm already bowing down to Mr.Akon .That man is really doing his thing.Like if I got to go to any of his concerts ,i would go nuts.He is the man .And so is Micheal.

Hold my Hand by Akon feat Micheal J.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Year in NYC for this Afrolicious Girl!

Damn...I cannot believe that it's been a whole year since I came here..that is insane !Ne way,I think of how I would have been starting college this year like the rest of my friends who graduated in Ethiopia...but I'm here now...second year in college as of Fall 2008.I honestly feel like I rediscovered ,as well as discovered myself here in NYC this past year.By that I mean that I rediscovered my passion for writing ,and with the endless opportunities that await me ,I am excited to begin my career here.I have also discovered my passion towards ending the negative stereotypes of Africa and Im on that boat full force I tell you..New York has made me sure of what I want to so with my life as an African 19 yr old..If it hadn't been for NY I would have never started this blog.So I'm glad that life worked out the way it has for me so far..And I can't wait to see what else is in store for me...cuz i see that the horizon is bright!

Remember that Africa Rocks..alwayz...love Maz.

New Music Fix ! God Dey by Pheel.

So this is some fresh music as in it's on The Channel O viewers edition countdown at the number 10 song.I don't know anything about Mr .Pheel so I don't have any bio on him,but if you are feeling him..then I'm willing to investigate.Otherwise,enjoy this one everybody!

GOD DEY by Pheel.

South African Youth Day Party in Harlem ,NY

My friends and I went to the Youth Day SA party in Harlem about 2 wks ago at the Shrine Bar and restaurant in Harlem..they usually have African parties there..It felt good to be filled with the sounds of House and Kwaito from back home...I should have worn my all-stars to really get down but ..oh well...it was fun..but as much as I love House and Kwaito,I kinda got bored and wanted more variety..like rhumba or something..well it was an SA party so they were entitled to their own music you know..and I guess I got borred cuz they were playing some new songs that I haven't heard yet..being so far frm home means that you don't get to enjoy the new stuff first...but hey..here are pics...

Oh and here is a song they played called Sister Bettina..I'm sure You guys remember it ..

46664 Concert celebrating Mandela's Bday/Jamelia and Loyiso's Performance.

On Fri last week,the annual 46664 concert was held in London.The concert is an annual event ,that celebrates Nelson Mandela's Bday and also raises money for charity through the Foundation.This year,African stars in attendance where The Soweto Gospel Choir,Loyiso ,Jamelia (she's half Zimbabwean..yeah i had no idea too!) ..well those are the only ones I heard of...I'm sure you can catch the highlights on VHI..I saw some of the concert there last night..you can go to google and type in 46664 for info on how to donate ..damn ..i have to be there next year at least..lol..you can see pics of the event at 46664.com as well...Plus,i added a video of Loyiso and Jamelia's performance .

Jamelia and Loyiso.


So the BET awards went down like about 2wks ago..African stars like Chikeze from Idols season 7 were there,Angel 'Lola Love' Melaku was there too..I didn't see Akon though..oh well..maybe he wasn't invited ?Hmm..Oh and did you see Luda's necklace ?It was the map of Africa..doesn't that rock?Well he did say that "The best women reside In Africa " so I guess he was showing us some love u knw..the neckalce is similar to the one Damien Marley wears in "welcome to Jamrock"..so ne way.i googled Africa necklace and I found this version on-line..it's pretty cute as well...don't you think so?

Mafrika Festival 2008.

Now that it's summer,there are quite a lot of free concerts going on in the city-Ny I mean and this was one of them.i heard about it on The Museum For African Art Calender and I decided to check it out.Well, all I can say is that it was called Mafrika and Not African Festival 2008..cuz some of the music was not exactly African sounding.But there was one part where some guy (The MC I presume ) sang some Rhumba hooks that we were loving..the pics say it all..lol..some upcoming designer showcased her Tumba Tumba designs and some Ethiopian dancers took to the stage ..at least I'm familiar with that..so here are pics of the event and what went down..Oh and I also got a new website to check out-it's called Afrikanspot.com..it has pics of some of the major African events in ny ..u might see yourself there ...so check it out..I saw myself there..