Tuesday, July 1, 2008

South African Youth Day Party in Harlem ,NY

My friends and I went to the Youth Day SA party in Harlem about 2 wks ago at the Shrine Bar and restaurant in Harlem..they usually have African parties there..It felt good to be filled with the sounds of House and Kwaito from back home...I should have worn my all-stars to really get down but ..oh well...it was fun..but as much as I love House and Kwaito,I kinda got bored and wanted more variety..like rhumba or something..well it was an SA party so they were entitled to their own music you know..and I guess I got borred cuz they were playing some new songs that I haven't heard yet..being so far frm home means that you don't get to enjoy the new stuff first...but hey..here are pics...

Oh and here is a song they played called Sister Bettina..I'm sure You guys remember it ..

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