Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Music from Gal Level/Loyiso/D'Banj/9ice feat 2 Face/Dare

I have a huge dose of new music videos from namibian artists Gal Level,South African singer Loyiso,Project Fame's second runner up Dare,Nigerian coco master D'Banj(whose new album will be coming out soon) and 9ice.Hit me up and comment on which videos you liked ,disliked and why.I'm not really feeling Gal level's song,but that's not surprsing since i haven't been a fan of theirs since day one. I did like "La la la" though.I like Loyiso and I think he has a good voice that's commercial,but i think it's about time he got rid of that ring on his chin.As for Dare,I am not getting that new sound.


I WANT YOU-Loyiso.

The D'Banj song is about 5 months old and he has a new track out that has no video yet,so enjoy this one for now.


CARRY DEY GO-Dare feat 2 Face.

Street Credability-9ice feat 2 Face.

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Kapsy said...

I actually like this song...weird bt it's catchy.