Saturday, August 2, 2008

Allow me to Sulk!

Hello Everyone (If anyone will actually see this)...As you might have noticed,I haven't blogged in a while (about a month) .The reason for that is that I guess I have been discouraged due to the lack of comments,feedback and support that I have received.This blog was meant to be a way for africans in the diaspora to stay in the loop regarding African entertainment .I thought that this blog would be like concrete loop or ..blogs that receive hundreds of visitors a day.But I guess it's really a borring blog that not many people like .I have considered just ending it,but i guess it's a good way to stay occupied .And i don't want to be a quitter .I am trying my best to make this more interesting by putting up more videos and by conducting interviews with up and coming African stars.(I'm sending the emails today).Plus,I am learning how to put music onto the blog as well.If that doesn't work,I don't know what will.

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