Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spotted:!Fatima celebrates Italian Vogue's All-Black Issue with Tyra Banks/Where were the other African Models?/Video of Tyson and Alek commenting

Incase you've been hiding in a hole for a while(must be a big hole for you not to know this),Italian Vogue produced it's first all-Black issue in July.The magazine featured African models such as Liya Kebede,Alek Wek,Iman ,Yasmine Warsame and Ubah Hassan.Anyway,the mag flew off the shelves at break-neck speed and was sold out basically all-over the US that it had to be re-produced.WOW!Either people bought it because it was a work of art or some just wanted to support an event that has been long overdue .Or Both.(I'm thinking that I should have bought it and resold it on E-bay,or kept it for a couple of years so that it gained value,and then sell it on e-bay.Too bad I didn't).

Fast forward to Monday August 11th.Tyra decide to celebrate the success of the magazine by inviting all the models who were in the mag and others to Chelsea,NY for a photo shoot.Well,I viewed the pics,and trust me,I scoured the net for at least an hour,but I was unsuccessful in locating any pics of the African models.So,I'm guessing they were invited but couldn't make it.Well except Fatima from Cycle 10 of ANTM (But she wasn't even in the mag).I'm hoping Alek ,Iman and the others have a good enough excuse for not attending,because that was a major event that received a lot of media attention and could have been a platform to talk about how they felt about being featured .What a dissapointment!These models need to know that they are repping not just themselves but all African women.And why didn't Vogue use other African models like Nyabella to add to the wonderful lineup?And what about those girls from Nokia Face of Africa?Are they not high fashion enough?

And why did the Italians do the issue first when America could have stepped up first?

Anyway,I'm done ranting.Peep Fatima on the left.Look real hard 'cuz DUH,she wasn't in the front.Peep a video of Tyson and Alek commenting on the Issue.

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