Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spotted:!Estelle performs at Vibe's 15th bday party/Album Certified Gold /VMA nomination+New Music Video.

Okay,This might feel like celebrity over-exposure ,since Estelle was in my recent posts,but I'm loving this Africilicious celebrity.Estelle performed at Vibe's 15th bday party on Tuesday night looking nice in those outfits.
The singer's album "Shine" has officially gone gold in the UK as of Monday August 11th.Plus,she may be nominated for Video of the Year for "American Boy".I'm thinking that she should do an "African Boy" song.That would be interesting.Lol.Anyway,show her love on her myspace page,check out her video blog on youtube by searching for her ,nominate her for the VMA award and peep her new video for "No Substitute Love".Lots of orders huh?Well,she's worth it.

Estelle-No Substitute Love.

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TEEJAY said...

i actually like her now. but before she never really used to REP the mama's land.