Monday, August 4, 2008

Did you Know They Were African?Estelle/Jamelia/Chamillionaire/Lupe Fiasco/Ayo+Video of Chamillionaire admitting he's African.

You know how sometimes you're watching TV and you see an actor or singer and you instantly know that they're African?You feel it in your gut and sometimes it's just that they "look" African and sometimes it's just instinct.Anyway,I get that feeling sometimes and I actually did a little research and you'll be shocked to see the list of famous Africans that are famous.And I don't mean Alek Wek or Djimon Hounsou (Everyone KNOWS they're African).Peep who these Africans are ,where they're from originally and peep a video of one of them confirming their Najia roots.

Miss "American Boy" was born to a senegalese mother and father from Grenada.Show her some love on her myspace page.

The lovely singer of "Superstar " fame is half Zimbabwean(father) and half Jamaican (mother).Show her love on her official website

The "Ridding Dirty" singer personally mentioned that he is from Nigeria.He also said that he has never been home .Maybe a stop on one of his tours will be good?

Born Wasalu Jacobo ,Lupe 's father was an African drummer (couldn't find out from where exactly).

Her name means "Joy" in Yoruba.She was born to a Nigerian father who was a DJ and her mum was a gypsy.Show her love on her myspace page.I love this girl!

CHAMILLIONAIRE IS NIGERIAN(Ya heard from the Horse's mouth!)

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