Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Akon isn't retiring even though his dreams have come true.

So even though Akon has worked with lots of artists such as Gwen Stefani(Sweet Escape),T-Pain (Bartender),R.Kelly (Slow wind remix),Colby ,Lil Wayne,Whitney..the list is endless,on his top wishlist of people to work for was MJ.AKon had plans to retire after working with the legend ,but his dreams came true quicker than he thought.So he will not actually be retiring (Thank u Jesus).In his own words,courtesy of,

"That was a dream come true," 'Kon said Tuesday. "You know how you come into a career and set your goals as to where you wanna start and where you wanna end? I had a wish list of all the collaborations I ever wanted to do. Mike was at the top. I was saying, 'Well, if ever I get to Mike, then that'll be the sign I can retire.' But I got to Mike 10 years earlier than I expected. So I decided not to make retirement goals anymore".
Peep the video from the artist himself.

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