Thursday, April 24, 2008

Konvict not Konvincted?

It seems like our fave Senegalese singer ,Akon has some explaining to so.According to a website called the "Smoking Gun" (that has commented on the death of Tupac among others),Akon lied that about his past .According to the source,the singer claimed that he was the ring-leader of a car-theft ring and that he stole cars and owned "chop shops"( they deal in cocaine and other drugs).The site claims that Akon only spent a few months in jail In Atlanta and was convicted for stealing only one car .Hmmm....If this is true ,what would this mean for the African singer who built a rep as being a struggling artist who was "locked up" for years ?His record company ,clothing line and CD's all carry the name "Konvict".So will he be changing those names?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot New Music.

My friend introduced me to this singer on Youtube and I thought I should share with you guys. I think she is Nigerian ,but I don't know for sure .I like that her music is different from the typical African music we are exposed to.It's more jazzy and alternative.
So here is NNEKA with HEARTBEAT.
Check out more of her videos at

Fatima comes Close To Elimination.

Fatima ,our african representative on Tyra Bank's show America's Next Top Model came close to elimination on the latest episode.Fatima has had a good past few weeks and I think she took stunning pics during the photoshoots.Now,there are a couple of debates online about how Fatima did not deserve to go through to the next round because she "lost" her travel documents.I have a strong opinion that.Firstly, it's not like she did it on purpose.Was anyone listening when she addressed the fact that she is a refugee?That means that she has to go through different proceedures than a lot of other people and the process probably takes longer.Lastly, Fatima is the girl you can imagine seeing in a seventeen magazine spread and on the runways.I can't imagine seeing Stacy Ann in the same light.And Fatima might actually work with non-profit organisations that seek to end FGM and she might do some work with United High Commission For Refugees if she won .(My opinion).I mean I don't love her but I know that she is marketable.And that is what the Fashion Industry is all about right?

Africa's Next Top Models.(Yordanos Teshager).

In this hot new section , I will be profiling hot new and fresh african models that are heating up the runways and who I predict will be Africa's Next Top Models and follow in the steps of Alek Wek,The legendary Iman ,Liya Kebede of Ethiopia ,Oluchi and others.So memorize those faces cuz you'll be seeing them again very soon !Take my word.

Name : Yordanos Teshager

Nationality :Ethiopian

Agency :Elite

Yordanos was chosen as a semi-finalist for the popular Nokia Face of Africa competition in 2005 and was second runner up for Miss World Ethiopia.She recently appeared In Vibe Magazine and has made appearances in Lustre Magazine.She has walked the runways for Giorgio Armani, Mara Hoffman and other famous designers.

Hot African Bracelets!

These hot bracelets are only $ 8 and the money raised goes to Relief Beads ,which is an organization that is trying to raise awareness for the humanitarinan efforts being conducted in Darfur by Relief International .Celebrities such as Marcia Cross and Jessica Biel are fans of the bracelets .So go to to buy one and rock it african style!

Africa Rocks!

I Love this "Africa Rocks" hoodie that I got about a month ago and as soon as I wore it to school ,people were asking where I bought it .And this was both africans and non-africans.So a couple of my friends got the hoodies and we used them to advertise our new club Africa Alive.Now we are hoping to make them our club uniform.I think it's the hottest hoodie out there and ofcourse I'm not telling where I got it.Lol!Who knew that it would start a trend? All I know is that Africa definitely rocks !Here are some pics of me modelling the hoodie and my friends at our club meeting repping the motherland.