Friday, April 18, 2008

Fatima comes Close To Elimination.

Fatima ,our african representative on Tyra Bank's show America's Next Top Model came close to elimination on the latest episode.Fatima has had a good past few weeks and I think she took stunning pics during the photoshoots.Now,there are a couple of debates online about how Fatima did not deserve to go through to the next round because she "lost" her travel documents.I have a strong opinion that.Firstly, it's not like she did it on purpose.Was anyone listening when she addressed the fact that she is a refugee?That means that she has to go through different proceedures than a lot of other people and the process probably takes longer.Lastly, Fatima is the girl you can imagine seeing in a seventeen magazine spread and on the runways.I can't imagine seeing Stacy Ann in the same light.And Fatima might actually work with non-profit organisations that seek to end FGM and she might do some work with United High Commission For Refugees if she won .(My opinion).I mean I don't love her but I know that she is marketable.And that is what the Fashion Industry is all about right?

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