Thursday, April 24, 2008

Konvict not Konvincted?

It seems like our fave Senegalese singer ,Akon has some explaining to so.According to a website called the "Smoking Gun" (that has commented on the death of Tupac among others),Akon lied that about his past .According to the source,the singer claimed that he was the ring-leader of a car-theft ring and that he stole cars and owned "chop shops"( they deal in cocaine and other drugs).The site claims that Akon only spent a few months in jail In Atlanta and was convicted for stealing only one car .Hmmm....If this is true ,what would this mean for the African singer who built a rep as being a struggling artist who was "locked up" for years ?His record company ,clothing line and CD's all carry the name "Konvict".So will he be changing those names?

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