Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who needs to Fire their stylist?:Lola Love performs

Welcome 2 another edition of "who should fire their stylist".Angel Lola Love is on the chopping block for wearing what she calls an "outfit".Those tights def do not make the cut at all!Tryna do a britney on us?Anyway ,Lola aka Lady Monroe (her new rap name) performed with Gorrila Zoe last night.50 is definitely pushing her album.The first single is called "Boss Bitch".okaaay(as in she's 50 cent's b or am I taking this too literally?).The performance with the pics was in atl at the investment club.Ironic..huh?seeing as she invested in her "assets".Anyhoo...DOES Anyone other than me think this chick lies abt her age?or is her makeup to blame?hmmm
Peep the video of her in the studio.this chick is serious.

LOLA LUV-aka Lady Monroe-BOSS BITCH.

Spotted: /Idris /Mandela/Djimon and K/Akon/Estelle/Nonhle/Djimon and fam/Liya

Senegalese singer Akon ,helped Keri Hilson (who i just met),celebrate her album launch.Akon features on the album .He was also spotted at the United Nations for a charity event last night.

Estelle is looking great with her new pixie cut .I definitely like and I think she fired her stylist too cuz that outfit is cute .Shes been improving so far so she must be reading this blog (I wish)

Miss Nonhle Thema ,south african vj was spotted by moi at the Mela Hotel where she interviwed Keri Hilson and gave me some advice on making it in the vj entertainment industry. Love her !

Djimon was spotted at a park in hollywood with Kimora ,the girls (Aoki and Ming Lee) and the puppies .Love them togther!Djimon and Kimora were also spotted hiding her baby bump from the paparazzi as they left Hollwood's il Sole resturant where they had dinner .They seem to love that place,as I have featured pics of them there.I need to come up with a name for them like "Chrianna" or something.Any ideas?

Idris Elba was at the grass resturant in Miami,Fl .His new movie "Obsessed" with Beyonce is coming out in theatres this month so check listings for that.

Liya Kebede was spotted at the Ladies No 1 detective agency premiere which is a series that will be based on a female botswanan detective .

Mandela was out in capetown south africa for a lunch that was held for his charity.Guests included chef Gordon Ramsey and Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Special Treat: :Psquare and Oluchi

For all the Psquare fans (myself included),i found some pics of the guys at a recent concert .Enjoy!
Model Oluchi just came out with a fitness video that's on youtube so I put that up.Check it out.Its with her trainer Rafael Ullolah.So if anyone wants to get motivated to burn off those cheese burgers,go right ahead.i'll just sit her and exercise my


Kenya and Nigeria rep Africa on ANTM!

So the new season of America's Next Top Model is on tv ,(not the one where people got trampled over when trying to audition).Anyway ,there are two girls repping Africa.One is frm Nigeria ,her name is Aminat,and the other one's name is Sandra from Kenya.
so far,both girls have been struggling with taking pics.So ,my opinion?I really like Aminat because she looks like she has a face that could be on the runway soon and she is not bitchy ,unlike sandra who seems to think she is an african all,what is up with her red shoes?I mean damn I know that I love my new black ankle boots but they are black,not red.she wears them all the damn time like they are the only shoes she owns.She has a model face and body ,but she also has a big mouth and can't walk for ish.And the worst part is this chick thinks that her walk "Rips the runway".Wtf?Chick needs a Miss J intervention asap!
so ,has anyone watching?does anyone think they will make it to the finale?who do u think takes the better pics and has a better walk?let me knw!

The Randomness:Akon has Chris Brown's back?/Iman appears on essence mag/Highest Paid African athlete in the US.

Senegalase singer Akon ,has gone on the record to state that he is still interested in working with Chris "Rih Rih " beater Brown ,even after the whole incident that the whole world knows about.In a phone interview (not with me) according to the Salt Lake Tribune webbie ,when asked if he would still work with CB ,Akon said ,"Oh, absolutely!I wouldn't take anybody's personal issues or problems-- I won't hold them accountable for that when it comes to work."Akon then wenton to say that Cb should use his time to be creative and record more music.So obviously Akon is the right person to be dishing out advice because he was in his own legal drama recently.Maybe he should become a lawyer if the whole music thing doesn't work out.

Moving on ,Iman was voted one of the "Sexiest black women alive".Congrats to her.I wonder who writes that list .she joined Rih Rih and Halle Berry on the list.
Miss Iman also shares the cover of april's essence mag cover with Taraji P.Henson and Serena Williams.She is sharing her secrets for staying fit and fabulous .Congrats.

So,the Forbes list of millionaires came out recently ,and there were a couple of africans on the list.But an interesting question to pose would be "who is the highest paid african athlete?"well at least in the US.According to the ,it's Nnamdi Asomugha of the oakland rangers.He's Nigerian and "the team Nnamdi has played for since 2003, re-signed him to a staggering three-year $45.3 million contract with $28.5 million of it guaranteed. ".Wow,make ur money!esp in this recession.He's quarter back and no,I dont knw what the hell his role is but i do knw that HE'S SO PAID!


Djimon Hounsou was spotted chilling in Miami,while Zahara was spotted getting treated to a "girls" day out with her sister Shiloh and famous daddy Brad Pitt.Cuteness!Estelle was spotted helping Tierra Marrie celebrate her bday party recently.I didn't know miss E had an "addiction".Did anyone notice the pack in her hand?(just saying). Estelle was also spotted at a performance she did in San francisco with Solange Knowles.Maybe B's little sis has been giving E some style tips cuz she looked better than I've seen her in ages.Or maybe she fired her stylist like I suggested?
Wek was spotted at a Tribeca ball and Iman was spotted at some cocktail party for the canadian version of ANTM.
For more celeb spottings including celebs like Seal ,check out jamati.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Brother Africa contestants to host new reality show.

Seems like reality shows are popping up all over Africa ,and the latest african reality show in the making will air in April and will be hosted by Big Brother Africa's first ever winner , zambian Cherise Makubale .Gaetono Kagwa ,who was also another contestant on the show from uganda will also host .He currently hosts the lifestyle show "Studio 53".Here is a brief description of the show ,courtesy of

" The international show called Africa’s World Best (AWB) reality TV talent show is the first ever to bring together 60 Africans from all parts of the world into one house competing for one title with the biggest prize in the history of African TV to be won.

AWB Launch Party

The winner will in fact take home a cash prize of USD $100,000 and a brand new car.

AWB will go live in April. The show will involve talents such as singing, acting, performing arts, Comedy, poetry, script writing, dressmaking, jewellery making, sculpturing, dancing and other unique talents. All Africans with any special talent are strongly encouraged to apply ".

Contestants on the show ,who will range from singers,actors,comedians etc will have to live in a house for 60 days and there will be weekly evictions as voted by the public.So it's kind of like big brother mixed with idols and project fame.

I like the concept of the show,but I don't get the prize .If the aim is to expose africa and the world to talent,why not give a prize like a recording contract (if a singer wins) or something other than a car.I think the title is pretty lame as well.
What do u think?What should the prize be?For more info on the show ,check out