Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who needs to Fire their stylist?:Lola Love performs

Welcome 2 another edition of "who should fire their stylist".Angel Lola Love is on the chopping block for wearing what she calls an "outfit".Those tights def do not make the cut at all!Tryna do a britney on us?Anyway ,Lola aka Lady Monroe (her new rap name) performed with Gorrila Zoe last night.50 is definitely pushing her album.The first single is called "Boss Bitch".okaaay(as in she's 50 cent's b or am I taking this too literally?).The performance with the pics was in atl at the investment club.Ironic..huh?seeing as she invested in her "assets".Anyhoo...DOES Anyone other than me think this chick lies abt her age?or is her makeup to blame?hmmm
Peep the video of her in the studio.this chick is serious.

LOLA LUV-aka Lady Monroe-BOSS BITCH.

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TEEJAY said...

tis chick!! i don't don't really know wat to

she's confuse now i think.. 4 real