Sunday, March 1, 2009

THE RANDOMNESS:Happy Monday!Idris gets new role/ Ayo for Banana republic/ Sa World cup tix/Whose working with Akon?/Did u knw she was african?

I knw Monday's suck so to make you laugh a little,I heard of this funny video of a contestant on the new season of South African Idols 2009 .This chick is hilarious.Check out the video.


Half sierra-leonian ,half-ghanian actor Idris Elba will have a guest spot on the Tv show "The Office"

"Celebrity News Service has learned that Elba will play the new no-nonsense hire at Dunder Mifflin's corporate office that will throw Michael Scott (Steve Carell) into turmoil." He did an awesome photo shoot in Uptown mag's feb/march spring edition with Yaya from ANTM and has a couple of movies coming out which include "Obsessed" with beyonce.Check out the mag cuz he's hot.

Nigerian singer Ayo appears on a recent Banana republic ad where she looks amazing(Can't hate).Check it out.
The moment many of us have been waiting for is finally here.Well,except I can't afford the tickets yet.Im talking about the SA Worldcup 2010.OMG,I can't believe its almost here !That was a long four years of waiting.And now we are in a freaking recession?WTF?
So ,anyway,here's a pic of how the tickets look and here are the prices:

The prices:
Opening match: $200-$450.
First-round games: $80-$160.
Round of 16: $100-$200.
Quarterfinals: $150-$300.
Semifinals: $250-$600.
Final: $400-$900.

In other interesting news ,former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day may be heading into the studio to work with Akon .Wow.I guess someone is still getting paid even more mulla after the whole Diddy-firing thing.Im wondering what sound Akon will come up with for her .And side note,i don't make this ish up.

Moving on to other news ,does anyone watch the show "For the Love of Ray J?".Well ,did you know that the girl he calls "Caviar" is half nigerian and half-russian or something ?Don't know if she has left yet ,cuz I'm not going to sit around watching Brandy's little brother "pretend"to find Love when he's actually screwing Whitney Houston.Pass!
That's it for 2day folks.Come back soon for another entertaining episode of "The Randomness".


Estrella said...

Wow didnt know aubrey was african where'es she from? Akon better hook her up cuz in my opinion P diddy wasn't givin that group much help anyways.

Kapsy said...

HAHAHAHAHA..LMAO..Tht remix was H-O-T..iiyye..I wonder what Simon would hav said..hahaha