Monday, March 2, 2009

2 face getting reality show?+Pics on set of new shoot in us +wrap party.

Where do I start?Nigerian singer 2 Face announced recently that he plans to get serious and tie the knot in 2009 .Wonder who he will be walking down the aisle with in light of all the baby mama drama he has going on.Good luck 2 him and u knw that when the wedding is on ,I will have all the pics here for you .
In other news,apprently The "African queen" singer signed a $30 mln naira contract with some promotional comapany.Someone's getting money !
2 face is currently in the US of A and I knw this is true cuz I have reliable sources and pics to proove it.He's shooting a video for one of his new singles ,and is offering one african lady the chance to be a video vixen in his new music video.Here is the press release courtesy of Rasheed.Don't knw why it extends to 40 though.

Are you a sexy, interesting, African woman between the ages of 21 - 40?

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next big reality super star?

If so... your adventure to the top could begin as you are taken to a swanky New York City mansion for a week where you will compete against other African girls for the opportunity to be in the new music video for the hit single "Who Am I" by Rap & R&B Mega Stars Jim Iyke & 2Face Idibia.
Compensation will be provided for girls chosen to move into the mansion and exciting prizes can be won throughout the challenge. Last but not least the winner of the competition will also win a private meeting with the producers of the video and top agents in the music and film industry and also receive an invite to the music video "Wrap Party" where you will be showcased.
So if partying with industry figures and celebrities is your thing and you feel you can compete your way to the top, apply today and be the next big reality super star

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