Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spotted: /Idris /Mandela/Djimon and K/Akon/Estelle/Nonhle/Djimon and fam/Liya

Senegalese singer Akon ,helped Keri Hilson (who i just met),celebrate her album launch.Akon features on the album .He was also spotted at the United Nations for a charity event last night.

Estelle is looking great with her new pixie cut .I definitely like and I think she fired her stylist too cuz that outfit is cute .Shes been improving so far so she must be reading this blog (I wish)

Miss Nonhle Thema ,south african vj was spotted by moi at the Mela Hotel where she interviwed Keri Hilson and gave me some advice on making it in the vj entertainment industry. Love her !

Djimon was spotted at a park in hollywood with Kimora ,the girls (Aoki and Ming Lee) and the puppies .Love them togther!Djimon and Kimora were also spotted hiding her baby bump from the paparazzi as they left Hollwood's il Sole resturant where they had dinner .They seem to love that place,as I have featured pics of them there.I need to come up with a name for them like "Chrianna" or something.Any ideas?

Idris Elba was at the grass resturant in Miami,Fl .His new movie "Obsessed" with Beyonce is coming out in theatres this month so check listings for that.

Liya Kebede was spotted at the Ladies No 1 detective agency premiere which is a series that will be based on a female botswanan detective .

Mandela was out in capetown south africa for a lunch that was held for his charity.Guests included chef Gordon Ramsey and Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon.

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claude said...

why not 'djimora' for kimora and djimon