Monday, October 27, 2008

The Randomness:African Dance commercial for MTV.

I'm actually having fun with this whole "randomness" post and I know I just put one up,but I wanted to put this up before I forgot about it .This is an ad created for MTV that I found on youtube.I love this ad.Very well done in my opinion.Enjoy.


The Randomness :Nas and Pharell give us their two cents about Africa.

I found this video on ariztos magazine ,which is african ,and in the video,Nas was asked why US artists don't perform that much in africa and you can see what him and Pharell have to say.

I think that some of his comments are well-taken,but am not sure about the comment on how africans have our own racial words for african-americans.While the people I know do not represent the whole of africa,I must say that I have never heard an african refer to a black-american in a racially degrading way.
He also says that we africans and them have communication issues ,which is true,but I think that's because we (or maybe just me) thinks that they don't make an effort to get acquainted with african culture.
He is correct in saying that americans are being lied to about africa ,but it is up to them to find out what's really going on in africa.everyone knows not to just believe the media.
Anyway,I will leave the commenting up to you.What do u think?

Nas and Pharrel get real on Africa.

Angel "Lola Luv" Melaku and 50 hooking Up?+ deets on her new career direction

So Ethiopian Model/Vixen Lola love hit the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards and the next day,rumours were going crazy ,with blog sites claiming that her and 50 are hooking up .
However ,other blog sites like beleive that it is all a publicity stunt as Lola's rap album is in the works.
Lola confirmed that she is working on her rap career as I mentioned a while ago ,and that she will be under 50'S label .Expect her single out soon.
I'm sure the pressure is on for her to deliver ,or she might end up like Olivia ,the chick that got kicked out of G-Unit for poor record sales .
So ,is anyone excited about Lola's new career move?Or should she stick to her day job?
And does anyone believe that 50 and her are loved up?I say "no" cuz if he wanted her,wouldn't he have just hooked up with her during /after the video he did that she was in?(Forgot which one).
Lola Love on rap career.

*Did anyone notice how that tattoo on her neck could pass for a hickey if you didn't look close enough?

Meet DA L.E.S :The African Version of Soulja Boy?

I found out about this singer on Channel O 's website ,and apparently,the ladies back home are going crazy for the south african singer who performed at the October Channel O Video Music Awards in S.A .I also saw his video "Tippy Toes",and I was struck by how it sounds so much like Souljia Boy's type of music.(Remember "Crank that"?).To me,this is an example of how african artists are trying to branch out into "american hip hop " music.

On one hand,I do think the song may grow on me,and I guess people are in need of some new dance styles to replace the "Cut the Cake " moves that have been around for ages.And you can't blame DA L.E.S for copying Souljia Boy's formula .After all,that dance swept the nation and was one of the most viewed and emulated dances ever!

Peep the video and tell me what you think.Is DA L.E.S the african version of Souljia boy?
And don't ask me what DA L.E.S stands for .Cuz I have no idea and I don't have the energy to find out.

Tppy Toes -DA L.E.S

Fatima Sizzles in Cosmo-Girl , Essence Mag,Style !Bermuda and Behind-the -scenes pics!

For those of you who watched America's Next Top Model's last season,you will remember Fatima Said ,the Somalian model who didn't win the show,but is still making paper by appearing in various magazines.Her latest poses were struck for Cosmo-girl's November 2008 issue in a Cover -Girl ad.I find that quite ironic,in that the winner of the show (Whitney in this case) scores a cover-girl campaign,and although she didn't win,Fatima and not Whitney has her face in Cosmo-girl .Ne hoo,she also appears in Essence magazine's November 2008 issue looking FIERCE!All i can say is go make that money Fatima!
Oh and I googled the other model in the pic and her name is Ayan Elmi.Her bio states that she is Candian,but I actually dicovered that she is African.I'm not sure exactly where she's from ,but I'm betting its East Africa (Ethiopia ,Sudan ,somalia are my three guesses)
So peep those gorgeous pics from Cosmo-girl ,Essence mag and style Bermuda incase you missed it (or never buy them),and some behind-the scenes pics.And let me knw which pics you like!


Angel" Lola Love" Melaku was spotted at the BET Hip Hop awards with 50 cent,Idris was spotted leaving Area nightclub in Hollywood looking "inappropriately dressed for a club",Iman was at some charity event ,and Akon was at a seperate Charity event.

Does any one other than me notice how ashy Akon looked in that pic?Just saying...And what the f is up with Lola's outfit ,cuz those boots are a no-no..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Randomness :Elephant makes Survivor Gabon contestants appreciate life!

Okay,so I've started this section where I will just blog about random things I see that are related to Africa that are either hilarious (like this one),or just stuff that doesn't necessarily fit into any subject we go!

On the last episode of survivor Gabon ,the fang tribe saw an elephant near their area and spent a long time (as the show portrayed) in complete amazement .It was pretty hilarious .Then Ace and Matty got in a canoe and went in for a closer look (did they get the memo on the fact that elephants sometimes kill humans?).According to Matty,seeing the elephant makes him "appreciate life".Who knew an elephant could do that?Ne way,here is footage of the elephant meeting.U have to fast-forward it because I couldn't find footage of just that part.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Naija Stars take over Channel O Video Music Awards!/Video footage

The Channel O Video Music Awards were held on Thursday October 9th in South Africa ,and the big winners of the night were Nigerian -twins P-Square .They received awards for best West African Video and Video of the Year .Other African celebs in attendance were Gal Level(Namibian),KC Phresh (Nigeria),Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe) and many more .According to the channel O website ,

"The red carpet was flooded with the continent’s finest: from South Africa’s HHP, Pro-Verb, Bleksem, Da L.E.S, Pro (formerly known as Pro-Kid) and KB to Namibia’s Gal Level, Lady May, Sunny Boy and The Dogg. The Namibian ladies were amongst the most stunning in a good-looking room full of people - everyone seemingly wanted a piece of the Gal Level girls and Ms. May!".

NAETO C Performance at Channel O music awards.

IKECHEKWU Performance.

Nohle and KB from Channel O were the main hosts of this year's event.
For more video footage ,click here

Who Needs To Fire Their Stylist ASAP?

Okay,I'm always ranting on about Miss Estelle's style (As in lack of it),and this dress she wore to the MOBO Awards recently did not escape my fashion police eyes..
I'm thinking that Miss estelle's stylist needs a cellphone thrown at her Naomi-Campbell style or needs to get fired asap!That dress looks like a 5 year old with ADD and too much fabric and a huge scissors was sewing that up and tearing it to pieces!
The fashion police have spoken!

In other related news,according to
,wasn't even bothered about winning the Best Female Uk award at the MOBO's.She seemed to prefer song of the year as she said,
"I think song of the year would be the one (she wanted to win most) coz you always want to write a good song."
I can't even comment on that because I'm so bothered by that dress!That's what happens when you get dressed in the dark I guess!


One of my fave Tv dance shows is finally headed to Africa.Well,South Africa actually.The wildly successful US show is finally headed to SA and I'm curious to see how it pans out.I haven't been able to get any footage yet ,so be patient .I can't wait to see the dancers solo acts and see how they measure up compared to the US dancers .And I wonder who the judges and chereographers will be..

Speaking of dance ,here is a clip from Dance Africa ,the channel o created show where dances from selected african countries compete for a chance to be crowned "Africa's Best Dancer".This was the only clip I could find and is of the Nigerian contestant .


And in other news,apparently,there is or just was an SA version of High School Musical .Wow...I guess we are doing good on the copy-american-tv-shows thing .But maybe instead of basketball,they should make Troy (played by Zac Efron in the US version play soccer).Just saying...Don't really care who wins High School Musical 3.

Lupe Designs for Product Red and hot new African Product Red bag!

Lupe Fiasco designed a shoe for Converse that was part of Product Red,which is a collection of items that when sold,the money is donated to african causes such as the fight against Malaria.He actually did a shoe for them in March,and this is his second effort.I wouldn't actually run to buy them ,but one thing I am gonna die if I don't get is this Africa crossword tote being sold at the Gap for $20.Apparently it's sold out,but i have faith that I will get

Africa Shines this week!

Okay ,for once I feel like Africa got the representation it truely deserves in the entertainment industry .Let's start with Korto Momolu from Project Runway.The Liberian designer may not have walked away with the title of winner,but she def represented the faboulousness of africa through her gorgeous collection that had african inspired pics.Peep the video footage of her collection on the finale.Show her some love on her webbie by clicking here

Korto's Project Runway Collection.

Africa was again in the spotlight on Monday October 13th at the This day Africa Rising Festival in London.Alek wek ,Seal and Youssouf were some of the african celebs in attendance .

This Day Festival Footage of Seal .

Estelle represented africa at the Mobo awards 2008 where she scooped two awards,thanks to her hit "American Boy".Nigerian artsit 9ice won the award that goes to africa.Jamelia was there too.Here is some footage of Nigerian artist 9ice performing at "Crack Your Ribs "Lodon in August 2008.

9ice performing in London.

And at LA fashion week,Dresses and shoes were african-inspired ,and african dance was done .One model who i presume to be African rocked the runway and repped the continent .So peep the pics and enjoy the footage!

Spotted:!Akon /new music/and "I Puched a fan and denied it!"

Akon was spotted looking sharp in a black suit at the Spirit of Life awards earlier in the week and the senegalese singer has paired up with Keyshia Cole for a song titled "Work It Out" .Apparently the song didn't even make it as a single for his soon-to-be -released album Freedom,in stores November 25th.

AKON feat Keyshia Cole -"Work It Out".

In other Akon news ,I'm thinking that he should do a song called "I punched a fan and I denied It " because his publicist claims that the video footage on youtube was taken from angle that did not reflect what really happnened.According to, the publicist said ,
"As you can see from the full, correct footage, Akon is struggling to find his balance and accidentally knocked into the fan. He did not let her fall and gave her a hug and then they started dancing together. She is smiling."

We are shocked to hear that there is a video clip circulating that suggests Akon treated a fan badly during his August 30th performance in Guyana," a statement from the show's promoters, Hits & Jams Entertainment, added. "There were no incident reports stemming from the event. Despite a late start, the concert was a tremendous success, and we hope that Akon will come back soon." Oh well,whatever.
On a serious note ,the singer will be back in court on Dec 1st for throwing a 15 year old boy into an audience in NY.

ps: Is it just me or does Akon look extra dark lately?Maybe it's just
PPS:If you would like to see the video in question,look through my older posts

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kanye Gets Inspired By Africa /Tyra talks "African Dance" /Survivor host says what about Africa?

So if anyone has seen Kanye's new video for his first single "Lock Down",you can see that it is inspired by Africa from the dancers outfits and their chereography.I actually like the concept and all those people on utube who were asking what was up with "the african ish" can go 2 hell.So peep that video incase u missed it.

Love Lockdown-Kanye West.

If anyone was watching ANTM on Wednesday,u'll remember the scene where Miss T was trying 2 get the models to find a signature pose .And when one of the models was having a hard time (Forgot who),she told her to think in terms of African Dance.And I'm like "huh"?Then she launched into what she thinks is African Dance which was hilarious .I think that Miss T should not try 2 do things she can't do .
Speaking of Top Model,the show will soon have a spin-off show in which past top model contestants like Fatima Said who repped Africa last season ,will compete for the chance to be a spokesperson for Carol's daughter.Its a cosmetic company .The models will all live together in "Model-ville" and drama will ofcourse ensue.Oh and I just saw Miss Fatima in a cosmogirl ad today.Good for her.

Okay,moving onto Survivor Gabon,I was reading this article in Star magazine and the host of the show (Jeff or whatever his name is ) said something about how the survivor crew had to build roads and how the place was so under-developed and untouched and how thet tribe there have never seen tourists.(Rolling my eyes)..Yeah freaking right.U need 2 stop making us look stupid !

Oh and that Madagascar Sequel Cartoon is coming out soon and ofcourse the animals will land in the "wild's of Africa".

Do We Likey?Korto's bag.

Korto ,who is a Liberian designer that has been creating some really nice outfits on Bravo's Project Runway was recently spotted with this bag that looks like its made out of hide.It is so cute that I want it so bad!I'm thinking she made this herself cuz it looks African-Inspired .It better be in stores like really soon cuz i have to have it!So wat do u think?Do you likey?Let me know!

Spotted:!Baby Z/Lupe/Korto/Gelila/Iman/Idris/Magic System.

Baby Zahara went out for a stroll with her mum Angelina Jolie in Ohio ,Lupe Fiasco was spotted at LAX airport,Gelila Bekele was on the arm of her supposed bf Tyler Perry as he opened his movie studio in ATL.Iman was at some Women's Foundation Event and Idris attended the premiere of Rock-n-Rolla . And Project Runway alum Korto was visiting Regis and Kelly on their show in Nyc.Oh My god I love her bag!And here are the first pics of Magic System arriving in DC.They will be performing tomorrow night in nyc . Good times!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Music from AKON!+ New Album details.

Akon is officially back...He has new songs popping up everywhere!.Here are two new joints 'Right Now (Na na na)' and 'I'm so paid' feat Lil wayne..ENJOY!
According to,Akon's album is slated for a November 25th release(Don't know how true this is as his album has been pushed back several times this year).And he's changing the album title from Aquitted to Freedom.



Friday, October 3, 2008

Miss World 2008 to be in SA. and meet the contestants.

Beautiful women from all over the world will represent their countries as they walk the runway for the 2008 Miss World competition .This year,the beauty contest will be in Joburg ,SA on the 13th of December .Peep the pics of some of year's contestants frm Ethiopia ,Ghana,Angola and the DRC.
We'll see who wins.