Monday, October 27, 2008

The Randomness :Nas and Pharell give us their two cents about Africa.

I found this video on ariztos magazine ,which is african ,and in the video,Nas was asked why US artists don't perform that much in africa and you can see what him and Pharell have to say.

I think that some of his comments are well-taken,but am not sure about the comment on how africans have our own racial words for african-americans.While the people I know do not represent the whole of africa,I must say that I have never heard an african refer to a black-american in a racially degrading way.
He also says that we africans and them have communication issues ,which is true,but I think that's because we (or maybe just me) thinks that they don't make an effort to get acquainted with african culture.
He is correct in saying that americans are being lied to about africa ,but it is up to them to find out what's really going on in africa.everyone knows not to just believe the media.
Anyway,I will leave the commenting up to you.What do u think?

Nas and Pharrel get real on Africa.

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Cak said...

I dont agree that blacks dont like black americans.....
its the other way round.
I have watched on american tv shows where black americans come out and say they dont like blacks and that if they were given a chance they wud choose to be white. Some dont even ineract with blacks at all.
In any case Africa has most frendly pipo than any other continent in this world.
Pipo have said horrible things abt horrible.They say"seeing is believing",so am taking this opportunity to ask all those that want to know the truth to come and see for them selves.
To all blacks,black americans....
guys lets be proud of who we are and wat we are,lets not try to change who we are coz even if we tried to we can never cz God saw it fit that we shud be who we are.

Its time to stand up together in unity as one and not allow anything and anyone set barriers inbetween.
Lets stand together in Love,Peace and Unity...then we can win the race.
We are a peculiar pipo..cant u see that..???
Am a proud Zambian,a proud African child.