Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kanye Gets Inspired By Africa /Tyra talks "African Dance" /Survivor host says what about Africa?

So if anyone has seen Kanye's new video for his first single "Lock Down",you can see that it is inspired by Africa from the dancers outfits and their chereography.I actually like the concept and all those people on utube who were asking what was up with "the african ish" can go 2 hell.So peep that video incase u missed it.

Love Lockdown-Kanye West.

If anyone was watching ANTM on Wednesday,u'll remember the scene where Miss T was trying 2 get the models to find a signature pose .And when one of the models was having a hard time (Forgot who),she told her to think in terms of African Dance.And I'm like "huh"?Then she launched into what she thinks is African Dance which was hilarious .I think that Miss T should not try 2 do things she can't do .
Speaking of Top Model,the show will soon have a spin-off show in which past top model contestants like Fatima Said who repped Africa last season ,will compete for the chance to be a spokesperson for Carol's daughter.Its a cosmetic company .The models will all live together in "Model-ville" and drama will ofcourse ensue.Oh and I just saw Miss Fatima in a cosmogirl ad today.Good for her.

Okay,moving onto Survivor Gabon,I was reading this article in Star magazine and the host of the show (Jeff or whatever his name is ) said something about how the survivor crew had to build roads and how the place was so under-developed and untouched and how thet tribe there have never seen tourists.(Rolling my eyes)..Yeah freaking right.U need 2 stop making us look stupid !

Oh and that Madagascar Sequel Cartoon is coming out soon and ofcourse the animals will land in the "wild's of Africa".

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