Friday, October 17, 2008

Naija Stars take over Channel O Video Music Awards!/Video footage

The Channel O Video Music Awards were held on Thursday October 9th in South Africa ,and the big winners of the night were Nigerian -twins P-Square .They received awards for best West African Video and Video of the Year .Other African celebs in attendance were Gal Level(Namibian),KC Phresh (Nigeria),Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe) and many more .According to the channel O website ,

"The red carpet was flooded with the continent’s finest: from South Africa’s HHP, Pro-Verb, Bleksem, Da L.E.S, Pro (formerly known as Pro-Kid) and KB to Namibia’s Gal Level, Lady May, Sunny Boy and The Dogg. The Namibian ladies were amongst the most stunning in a good-looking room full of people - everyone seemingly wanted a piece of the Gal Level girls and Ms. May!".

NAETO C Performance at Channel O music awards.

IKECHEKWU Performance.

Nohle and KB from Channel O were the main hosts of this year's event.
For more video footage ,click here

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TEEJAY said...

nice performances!! africa ya'll!