Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Needs To Fire Their Stylist ASAP?

Okay,I'm always ranting on about Miss Estelle's style (As in lack of it),and this dress she wore to the MOBO Awards recently did not escape my fashion police eyes..
I'm thinking that Miss estelle's stylist needs a cellphone thrown at her Naomi-Campbell style or needs to get fired asap!That dress looks like a 5 year old with ADD and too much fabric and a huge scissors was sewing that up and tearing it to pieces!
The fashion police have spoken!

In other related news,according to
,wasn't even bothered about winning the Best Female Uk award at the MOBO's.She seemed to prefer song of the year as she said,
"I think song of the year would be the one (she wanted to win most) coz you always want to write a good song."
I can't even comment on that because I'm so bothered by that dress!That's what happens when you get dressed in the dark I guess!

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